.inhale Poem by Linda Moore


Rating: 2.8

High on the Natural, all else pales
In the splendor of feeling, inhale
The breath going out, it commences
A balm, soothing the senses

Winter painted a picture on the window pane
Enjoying this half eaten Candy Cane
A roaring fire, the smell of Knotty Pine
In the luxury of feeling I incline

Heart is humming a merry tune
With all that is good I commune


i like this a lot very unique great piece

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Ben Gieske 31 August 2009

How delightful. For some reason the atmosphere your describe is one of good news that all to share.

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~ Jon London ~ 28 June 2009

The flowing rhymes are simply delightful....This piece shares so much gentleness surrounding the reader with the warmth of your poetic heart.....beautiful

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Linda Weischedel 15 June 2009

Such a warm poem Linda. I like your style of penning. I give this write a 10.

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Sameer Ahmed 25 December 2008

Heart is humming a merry tune With all that is good I commune......... Very ASTONISHING verses Ms. Linda......An excellent explanation of experience you grasped.....Especially the last two lines are really well-written describing the fairness of your heart...absolute 10....Best Regards.....

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Ron Flowers 30 November 2008

I love it. I love the rhyme and the flow of it. I love the warm feel of it. Great job, Linda. Warm regards Ron

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