Innate Talent Poem by Rose Marie Juan-austin

Innate Talent

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I was born with a gift
An innate talent
It was coursed through my ancestors
It flows through my veins
Embedded in my heart and mind
Even in my very soul.

The gift is like breathing
It was anchored
To my very existence
Nobody could imitate
It has been etched in me
By the One Above.

But this gift
Shall be honed
To its perfection
And shall be used
In accordance with
Its noble purpose.

I shall not be proud
Instead I shall be humble
This is my gift
To the one who gave me
This talent
The One Above.

Copyright 2018, Rose Marie Juan-Austin, All Rights Reserved

Sunday, June 3, 2018
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Muzahidul Reza 11 June 2018

innate talent is a great power, if it is positive and well does much to humanity, well penned dear poetess ROSE, thanks for sharing

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Sandra Feldman 10 June 2018

Great to be honest And grateful too, It is beautiful how You are thankful, For your God given gift And so appreciative too! ! Lovely sincerity and gratefulness in poetic form. Not always the norm.....

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Hans Vr 13 June 2018

Gracefully written, open and honest, this poem touches the heart of the reader and reminds us of our fantastic uniqueness and encourages the reader to believe in himself but remain humble in the process. I applaud this writing very much. Excellent, inspiring, beautiful. Keep the talent alive, let it grow and multiply, enjoy its fruits in full.

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Nudershada Cabanes 04 June 2018

A beautiful poem of gratitude for the God given gift. Well expressed Rose.10

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Thank you, Nudershada for your beautiful comment..

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Sylvia Frances Chan 08 September 2022

Still an amazing poem to my heart. God's Blessings, dear friend Mrs. Rose Marie Juan-Austin

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Sylvia Frances Chan 08 September 2022

Exuberantly expressed for this gift from God, but humble yet powerful and grateful words to God. Beauty comes from an honest and thankful heart.

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Chinedu Dike 15 July 2022

The nature and intricacies of innate talent are aptly captured in profound creation of yours. Remain enriched, dear Rose.

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Anjandev Roy 11 May 2022

Superb piece.....wonderful to read.....

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Nabakishore Dash 08 September 2021

The last stanza is indicative of your talent great.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin

Rose Marie Juan-austin

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