Inside Domes Poem by Naseer Ahmed Nasir

Inside Domes

Rating: 4.9

Desires are happy lyrics
Written on walls of sorrowful crying.
Paths are dreams
Of good days to come
But stay detached from destinations.
Lines are imprisoned
In circles.

So, keep walking on
Water is the end-all
Of journey in the desert.

Go, if you must
Following mirages
But carry oceans in your eyes.
Pass, if you must
In the forest of glass-encrusted silence
But keep stones of sound with you.
Live, if you must
Inside domes
But keep a door open!

(Translated by Satyapal Anand)

Sandra Fowler 05 December 2008

Beautifully positive in spite of the inner tears. I like your resounding last line. The poet who connects with his readers is a poet who is worthy of the name. Kind regards, Sandra

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Kassem Oude 15 December 2008

What a princess are you looking at/for! She is fantastic. Amasing piece.

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Sallie Howson 16 December 2008

lovely...the last line makes it

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Dr. Kolitha Lelwala 16 December 2008

wonderful piece of poetry. Nicely penned,10 for you

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This is great. I specifically like the last verse: Live if you must. Inside domes but keep a door open.

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Ken E Hall 15 December 2009

Each line in this poem is a meaningful quote which makes the reader ponder and realise it is a very original piece and will cerainly keep my door open in my dome, great work Naseer regards

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Tailor Bell 18 February 2009

it is only those who have experienced the breadth of life...that can convey these meaningful phrases and visions. I enjoyed this very much, Naseer, and will read more of your works. A subtle and masterful work. -Tailor

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Ency Bearis 17 December 2008

lovely poetic thoughts..great one..10 Ency Bearis

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Tom Golding 16 December 2008

Well said, The final line makes the poem for me also.

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