Inside She's Dying Poem by Mary Nagy

Inside She's Dying


Listen to her laughter
as she tells another one of her
hilarious anecdotes on life
(where she normally makes herself
the punchline)
We can't help but laugh....
she's so funny!

Watch her eyes shine
with the excitement
of knowing we're actually ''buying it''.
She really thinks she's fooling us.
See her bite her lip
as she tries
to hold back the tears.
(If they fall...
she'll just laugh through them
and it'll appear she laughed
so hard she cried.)

I see the fear
she hides deep inside
as it casts a shadow
over her eyes
and turns the bright blue
just a shade darker
than they should be.

I hear how her voice cracks
when she makes a joke
about herself.
I feel her pain as she looks
across the room at the door
like a hungry child
spotting a jelly-filled doughnut
sitting on the table...
just out of reach.

Inside she's dying.

Charles Chaim Wax 03 March 2006

to see into the secret heart then reveal such depths with pure compassion lifts every heart and dissolves every fear a grand poem

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Uriah Hamilton 03 March 2006

I do feel this is the turmoil of everyone human! Mary, please be well! !

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Charles M Moore 03 March 2006

Clever obsevation of someones hidden secret that remains so, you didnt have to explain why she felt to hide her described it beautifully. Charlie.

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Kia Seales 29 March 2006

everybody has something to hide and or dying inside Super

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Esther Leclerc 27 March 2006

Whoever this is about, the thing is it's a wonderful, observational piece about a smart, suffering person. Love it, Mary.

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Duncan Wyllie 27 March 2006

I can really understand the feelings contained here.Mary do you like 'Billy Connolly'the comidian.O.k he swears like a train, but here is someone also that you can clearly see pain in his eyes and manner as he laughs so hard at his own lifes joke.How amazing are these people who can offer this kind of release.Great writing from you again and your words are so welcome.Love Duncan

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Mary Nagy 09 March 2006

I just wanted to clarify....a few people thought this was about one of my daughters but this is autobiographical. This was written about myself. Sincerely, Mary

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Ray Andrews 04 March 2006

Very nicely done! ! While we don't know the angst of the person in the poem, this sounds like some of my pre 12 step behaviour. Thinking you're fooling others (they knew!) , and dying inside! ! Being funny (ha, ha) ! Your friend Ray

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