(brief renderings) Joe Fazio

It's You. Only You - Poem by (brief renderings) Joe Fazio

I search for you, on the pathways of life;
teaming with people, scurrying from
place to place. I seek something...anything...
any part of who you were. In this frenetic world,
with billions of people, racing about like ants,
seeking a sugar hill...without you, I am alone.

Lonely...desperate, is the life I live, as I trudge
aimlessly, toward empty days and the dark
and lonely nights. Sleep...I long for sleep, where
I will find nothingness...peace.

In the darkness...in the confines of sleep and life
in suspension...there are times, when I find you.
Times...when you seem so close...but out of
my reach and away from your loving embrace.
Then...even then, as you come to me in dreams,
of things that use to be...even then...I am lonely.

My heart weeps...and my soul wonders aimlessly,
amid the lost and empty souls, of the universe.
My human shell is devoid, of the most cherished
gifts of life...love and happiness. They were
taken from me...when you, were taken from me.

As my eyes fix on the dew in the grass and the
flowers that bloom, thankful I remain, for those brief
glimpses of you, I find, in the morning stillness.
I find you in the innocence of children...and their
laugher, that chimes like sounds from above.
I find you in the decency of humanity and the
compassion of strangers. You are the blood of
a fallen hero and the tears in a mothers eyes.

You are the food of life. Your are the hope, in
these times of madness, as man continues, their
inhumanity and indifference, to their
fellow human beings.

Yes, I see you in much of this world. I want
more. I want to touch you...kiss you.
Once again...I want to wake beside you.
I want to hold you...and as your
eyes slowly open...and that lazy smile
appears on your face...I want to taste
your lips...and you love.

That's all I want. That's all I ever wanted.
© Joe Fazio

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Poem Submitted: Monday, February 15, 2010

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