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Journey In Love (Sonnet Redouble) - Poem by Leslie Alexis

To give the reasons why I love - the cause...
Kiss; when you come, I'll tell you in a kiss
That makes two fools relish its every pause,
For when we kiss our love alone exists;
All vines upon your love's golden rail
Though many, never they her love, eclipse
And thus to you I set my every sail.
To me, with love, the stars are close as fireflies
And all I want is to look in your eyes.
Those eyes, they tell the secrets of the heart
I find your heart to be the treasured part
For when we kiss, ten are stored in the heart.
It good to know that I have your heart.
You are my happy place- our love to blame.

My love, I'm back to looking at the moon
By night and sun who comforts by the day
To speed their spin and bring your kisses' boon
To fill my life with your sweet sweet array
My love, my joy, my everything: my woman
I look at every clock on every wall
I hear the ticking tocks as they began
I number every sand upon its fall
And turn the glass before the store's unfilled
With hopes that sun and moon would play along
And bring you back, but utterly fulfilled;
I want you back, but with a happy song,
Then I'd be glad and wish for time to pause
To give the reasons why I love - the cause

Because… I love you wife of mine because…
Love, I've seen love before none like your love.
Guffaws: When heart hears your name, it guffaws.
Above: our love was birth from up above.
Kind: I'm so flawed I need a lover kind.
True: Like the day and night, our love is true.
Find: time if searched ten times I'd never find
You… just because there are no other you.
Yes. Will I love you…? yes! Forever, yes!
No maybes, no leaving and no heartbreak, no!
Confess: My sweet, I love you I confess.
Plateau: I will stand in you, my plateau.
Miss, God knows how I miss you lovely Miss
Kiss: When you come, I'll tell you in a kiss.

A wind from northern trees brought you to me
You came from heaven like the Northern Lights
To fill my life with inestimable glee
And beautiful you make my days and nights.
Today I live within your place of charm
(Between my Lord and thee I'll always smile)
The wall are down, the weapons all disarmed
And I'm prepared to walk the longest mile
The bumps and stumps and lumps we dump and trump
Together, by the rules which are of love
And not because we're weak or that we're chumps
But strong: because we've found a love undreamed of,
Our love that makes invisible our flaws
And makes two fools relish its every pause.

We were entranced between the gaps of breath
Where the eternal souls meet in the sky
And in the moment we both chose to die
And never have we seen or felt regret
That we could not best with a little sweat
Our truth is strong enough to take a lie
And ardent prayer lets God become an ally
(We fit within his perfect silhouette.)
We died to live - removing I for us
And when sun shines we wish it shines for two
And nothing under skies can best this bliss
You're mine... I'm yours? We are our universe;
Such sweet sensation words just can't construe
For when we kiss, our love alone exists.

The sun becomes like candlelight to me
The moon and stars become but dying flames
Your emerald eyes are all that I could see
To gain this state in thee I set my aim
Up high, that I would never see the shame.
I find my best not in the flowers bloom
Nor bird's soft croak- they have not my acclaim -
But in your kiss, without it all is gloom;
A flowerpot is just a gorgeous tomb
That holds a flower positioned to fall
Upon its descent from the seedy womb;
Your love is perfect and provides it all.
The flower - good in thee but to thee-frail
All vines upon your love's golden rail.

And if it were to take form like a stone
It would be bold and stand out like the sun
The night and all its errands are unknown
As through your love, its duties stay undone.
In love the lord dispenses but a few
That love with love so lovely that it's done,
Complete in merit, many virtues imbue
And spill to me, but none as sweet as kiss:
It shakes the heart and head as it accrues
And leaves me foolish pond'ring about this:
'How do the flowers steal from nectar lips? '
Such sweet, that I, nor they, nor me resists.
And lovers near and far should learn the scripts;
Though many, never they your love, eclipse.

For what eclipses the unfastened sky?
My love, your love is like the uncapped sky
Its only limit is my human eye
That sees just what is found upon the surface
And though it glitters like the ocean's skin
It is no match for the treasures within,
But is enough, and to ignore is sin
Much worse than murder or at least the same
For two hearts die, not to become but one,
But die, becoming ugly in the sun;
two fools who never love's merits did learn;
The worst of fools. The worst of fool. The worst.
Without you, every song becomes a wail
And thus to you I set my every sail.

My love, I wish to tame infinity's might
All stars and all their light, so I can write
Your name up in the heavens mighty sea
That love would last for all eternity
And with the glow I would compose a sign
That says 'I love YOU, always, please, be mine.'
I'd move, but armed with zeal and light-years sway
And set my heart that it repeats each day.
As light sojourns, and goes as he so feels,
The world will know I fell head over heals
With a girl whom more than days I did love
And sought to love with love ne'er spoken of
By sages kept by logics blinded eyes;
To me, with love, the stars are close as fireflies.

It's true, my universe lies where my arms
Embrace, my Love; that is when you are there,
And when you're not my soul sets off alarms:
The moment is too much for heart to bear.
Yet life is such that times we are away
In route to work, to school, sometimes to play,
Then seconds are minutes, minutes are days
and days are years of ever-lengthening pain,
That find me sitting in a mindless gaze:
A desert soul in wait of precious rain,
A hungry plant in wait of rising sun
(A lover waiting for his love's return)
And when you come it's always like 'SURPRISE! '
And all I want is to look in your eyes.

To see the look that says I am your one,
Though time supposes otherwise the case.
My Love, lets meet and make our love true.
I know you're eager to extend your charms,
that will save me from my imagination:
Invented iambs are my ‘lone existence
they let me escape and save me from waning.
My love your kiss is still as mythical
As unicorns, who soar on golden wings.
You have lips as soft as your lips are soft,
But until picked, and touched, who says a painter
Whose art can walk off pages, as on screen,
Did not create you with the highest pixels?
Those eyes, they tell the secrets of the heart.

The heart, it tells the kiss would be of bliss,
Such bliss that comes from only lively lips
Yet if you were a painting, with its tips,
It might explain such perfection as this…
As you, and give the proof for my parti pris:
The artist with his brush removed flawed strips
And with time made you as per manuscripts
And when it came to thought he di'n resist
And for your heart he took piece of his own
That shone and fit it space with such ease that
No more did he make hearts from grinded stone,
But even with his skill- he mastered art,
No heart is found like yours, no, none is known.
I find your heart to be the treasured part.

The unsaid ‘I-love-yous' haunt my dreams
And when I wake I think I love you so…
Until the words are said existence seems
A mockery of what the heart does know.
A blade of grass to trees as Jack did sow.
Such is the distance of before and after
But only one has treasures with the glow
Of gold, and only one will bring us laughter.
Together we will trample every monster:
Distance, the longings time alone can fill,
The shrubs that counterfeit but are disaster
And never - even ten- can pay love's bill.
We shall take the tests and ace every part
For when we kiss, ten are stored in the heart.

My love, we kissed and woke the sun
That when she shone, she shone on both of we;
In blissful breath time stalled to see.
Our dreams we surpassed -longings we outdone.
In moments of delight our love confirmed.
Your lips ‘gainst mine we peeked eternity
And never have we been so caged but free
As then, and in our breath, we sought return.
My lips, your lips were destined to unite…
Much like the sun goes from the east to west,
Or like the bull's-eye hit by the rare dart
Or like two gases burn, so love ignites
And makes us one. In love we're truly blessed.
It good to know that I have your heart.

Yet it's the same that troubles in goodbyes.
I kissed and left because that is times way.
My inside crumbled when I saw your eyes:
Sweet butterfly kisses having their wings stayed
By Love's tears numbs every heart today
And until kisses are increased again
It stays...I miss you Love, your every sway.
This yearning cannot be conveyed by pens
Sweet cadence even if all poems written
Sought to express this very feeling now,
For it resounds like sonic blast and then..
Is mellow as an angel's harp...somehow...
To start I longed for you, to end, the same;
You are my happy place- our love to blame.

Copyright © 2010 Leslie Alexis

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  • (11/21/2011 6:51:00 PM)

    very eloquent, and quite beautiful. (Report) Reply

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  • (11/11/2011 11:58:00 AM)

    I love it and i will accept it as a great poem that I my self have never set my eyes on before in my lifetime. (Report) Reply

  • (11/4/2011 9:21:00 AM)

    A really really good poem. One of the best i've read.
    A really fantastic write.
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  • (11/3/2011 4:38:00 PM)

    so very beautiful...I loved every line.......so filled with passion thanks for sharing..
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  • (11/3/2011 12:23:00 PM)

    This is a very long poem, yet you were able to keep me captivated the entire time, truly beautiful, your words have a certain eloquence to them, beautiful work, keep it up! (Report) Reply

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