Just Mine Poetry Poem by Sylvia Frances Chan

Just Mine Poetry

Rating: 4.5

A Very Happy BirthDAY dear Irene,
I have created this on Your BirthDAY
God's Blessings in Abundance.


A poetess most dearful to me
did not trust my honesty
said myriad times she did
but went on playing with the wind

like a tree where the leaves would fall
they leave never a dashing crash that tall
the leaves would oft lay on the ground
softly and tenderly, no sound

all my words created in my thoughts
I will create beauty from nature and all there is
it´s a luxury being alone
Quo Vadis the poetship

the loving words ever sailed with us
spelled and spoken time and again,
dunno anymore when
but sure I have got that bliss

I think, create and write
about all beauty in nature and all there is
if there´s no fight, one cannot lose nor win
creating a hero is surely a great sin

I reside amongst the cool mountains
near the clear aqua fresh fountains
where on my spot, is the Only God
with His Blessings, I keep blessing thee

He loves us enormously
till we´ll be seeing Him
each of us in His Own Time
listen to me, it´ll be super sublime

for all of us constantly
never create your own enemy
we sail with the ship with the steadfast glee
in our package in this delivery

would be never hatred but divinity and gratitude
God´s Greatest Bliss in my solitude.

Just Mine Poetry
We never believe in gods but in One GOD, that is He The Almighty.
He is here for all of us on this forsaken earth. He will keep His Promise, we keep our honest words.
Dr Pintu Mahakul 20 September 2017

With trust and honesty Irene is a nice poetess, most dearful to you and she did not trust your honesty. This is so sad. Friendship is based on trust and honesty only. Still you pray for her goodness before God on her birthday. Through this beautifully penned poems loving words are sailed. Near the clear aqua fresh fountains in beauty of nature we have felt blessings of God. He loves us enormously and we also love him continuously. This is an outstanding poem and this is very heart touching. Excellent one! ...10

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Sylvia Frances Chan 09 October 2017

Added Note: My comment has not appeared yet again. Thank you so much for your 10.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 09 October 2017

I am truly thankful to you, Dr. Pintu Mahakul, you are categorically giving my poems worthy comments.. A mesmerizing feel has fallen down upon me, thank you! I am the Lord most grateful to have known you through the late PF Community. Sincerely, Sylvia FC

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Jazib Kamalvi 18 June 2017

Seems monotheist. Thanks

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Thank you for your correct response, Jazib Sir. God Bless you in abundance.

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