Let Me Be Me [a Search For Solitude] Poem by Om Chawla

Let Me Be Me [a Search For Solitude]

Rating: 5.0

It's mid of night
Dark and still all around
Something hurts within
I know not why does it hound;
No forebodings of any gloom
No fear of impending doom
Yet still my heart is distressed
Yet still my mind is ill at ease.

Out in the open, dark and windless
The vast expanse so still and soundless
Under the inverted sea of darkness
Covered with a spread of shinning beads
I search for elusive solitude.

Yes there are no disturbing sounds
Though within the depths of deep dark sky
May be buried the sounds
Of stars exploding
Of meteors crashing
And many an earth like civilizations:
These sounds, as may be
can't infringe surrounding tranquility
Then why the rumblings within my mind
Impede the silent stillness
And deny me solitude.

Quiet my mind, quieten down,
Usher within me a silent dawn.
The world will be
The world that is
Banish these distressing thoughts.
Let me bathe in the sea of solitude,
Let me bathe in the peace that be,
Let me listen to the saner voice
Let me with myself be.

Let me be me.

Valerie Dohren 04 July 2013

We all need peace and quiet at times, to get away from the rush of life. Very well written Om.

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Patricia Grantham 28 August 2013

Quiet times are some of the best times. Getting away to a place where there is peace and tranquility is meaningful. Even though there may be no reason at all behind it still the mind needs to replenished and refreshed. Lovely write.

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Valsa George 27 August 2013

This is simply beautiful, Sir. No doubt, this deserves a 10! When you are in a mood, please read my poem' The Bliss of Solitude!

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Shahzia Batool 11 July 2013

Let me bathe in the sea of solitude, Let me bathe in the peace that be, Let me listen to the saner voice Let me with myself be. certainly this is not an unimportant wish, Russell has suggested solitude as a panacea for all social ills! ! !

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Elena Sandu 06 July 2013

Serene poem toah makes me wonder could I bathe in peace and keep living as myself, me? I have so much to learn... For now I feel that pain is part of life, good chunk of mine...Tranquil is hard to find...Yes how I wish the same with you, only to be...me without a drop of pain...But... would I care if that could mean.. being death? Only wonders my friend only wonders, one day I hope to know the answers...Thank you for share dear friend, loved this poem...

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Dinesan Madathil 05 July 2013

How fantastic but natural your wishes are sir? You can make it out as a poet`s mind can do search for things beyond the act of penning down lines. Let you be you ever..

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