Lie Poem by Steven Pimentel


Rating: 3.9

am i fake..

Because i lie
to their face..

should i say the truth
& watch them feel hurt
but then i ask myself

why don't you?

i can't
when my mom get hurt
i hurt too..

I will never let a person hurt me
i might say is ok
but feel my chest
thats my heart beat..

Lola Hi 11 July 2009

another nice poem! really good.

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Omar Ibrahim 24 July 2009

you have to tell the truth even if it hurts.........great one my friend!

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Ruth Walters 14 July 2009

My mother used to categorise lies...she'd say 'that's a fib' a small silly lie that doesn't hurt anyone and then she'd say 'that's a white lie' a lie told so as not to hurt someone's feeling like 'oh no you don't look fat' and then she'd say ' that's a black lie' you wouldn't tell a black lie would you Ruthy? ! ! ! A black lie is a lie I'd never tell, it's a lie that will get you and other people into terrible trouble and really hurt folk....there, a calalogue of different types of lies.... Ruthy: -)

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Ritty Patnaik 12 July 2009

a spoken lie is less hurting than a hidden lie in the long run.if you know some action is going to hurt, your parents, then just dont do it.steve, go by your conscience, which will tell you the right from will be a happier person.

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Kranthi Pothineni 12 July 2009

Saying lie is like stealing someones truth and stealing is a really bad. I think we should say truth even when its hard. Initially they may get hurt but latter they will feel happy for you. Well expressed once again.

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Eyan Desir 11 July 2009

Very interesting.................

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