Stress Poem by Steven Pimentel


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So much stress
I can't sleep..

people talking
& i just can't hear them..

people looking at me
& i just can't see them..

Stress is a pain that is hard to go away
Stress is a headache that not even pills can break..

Mind somewhere else
just need some space

Luwi Habte 11 July 2009

well, this is a nice explanation for the stress occured in the world above well done Luwi

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Natasha Wellington 11 July 2009

iLoveThis. Nice Poem *Thumbs Up* <3

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Carol Gall 11 July 2009

everyone needs space good write stress is a killer

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Kranthi Pothineni 12 July 2009

Stress is part of everyones life like joy and happiness.

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Amelie peace 31 August 2009

i hate stress.....worst thing ever.....keeps you up at night.....can make you go insane..... stress- exam time.....they go hand and hand......nice write!

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Omar Ibrahim 24 July 2009

u know...i like to be stressed...: D......

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Ken E Hall 16 July 2009

stress is with everybody its all in the head nobody escapes a punch under the belt life is wonderful its up to the individual what they do with it.......... you can write give us some smiles....regards

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Vinod Kumar 16 July 2009

Close Your eyes you can see all and hear, Nice stress, go ahead little master,10++

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Ritty Patnaik 12 July 2009

steve, it is a lovely write, straight from your, and meditation are very good stress busters! it also gives you that extra pep up to do things, better.

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