Like A Lotus Poem by Sathya Narayana

Like A Lotus

Rating: 5.0

My eyes haven't become glass balls...
they well when they see dolour
of deprived churls;
blood curdles,
somewhere deep from the entrails
bursts out aloud, a painful shrill!

People sneer; call me a fool
'This world you can never overhaul!
Reconcile! Mingle with the evil!
Learn the art of survival! '

These are morals from grass blades,
with winds in tune that waggle.

But I wish I live like a lotus,
born and dwell in filthy pool,
I still fight the surrounding foul!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008
Topic(s) of this poem: grass ,fight,mortality
Anjali Sinha 26 October 2008

survival of the fittest- but I like the comparison with the lotus. XXX10 regards anju

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Seema Aarella 27 October 2008

complete emotional and physical detachement from the filthy society is not here is living on the edge of both!

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Ency Bearis 28 October 2008

a great imagery of survival..nice piece.. Ency Bearis

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Lynda Robson 28 October 2008

A well written piece about survival, full of metaphors 10 for this Lynda xx

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Ian Singer 28 October 2008

i liked it, it was well written

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Dr Rajesh Kumar Vaid 16 December 2008

Finally, Grass is trampled and becomes the fodder, whereas Lotus adorns the place of gods! Beautiful poem!

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Aiswarya. T.anish 05 November 2008

This poem is wonderful., uncle. Keep penning!

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Jagannath rao Adukuri 04 November 2008

Nice one, Satyanarayana garu; Lotus is part of classical Indian imagery- skilfully used here

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Alison Cassidy 02 November 2008

The theme of this poem is admirable and universal. The metaphor of the lotus flower finding the light from roots way down in the primordial slime is inspiring. I must agree with Jefferson though. It would be wonderful to read your words in their original tongue. I believe your translation doesn't do your poem justice. love Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Jayaprakash Panicker 01 November 2008

'Mingle with evil Learn the art of survival” a replica of the order of the day. the shortness, and personal association, and art of conveying the obvious are the things a like most your writintings. i felt reading it.

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Sathya Narayana

Sathya Narayana

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