Little Hearts Poem by Valerie Dohren

Little Hearts

Rating: 5.0

Little hearts soft cast in gold
With eyes of azure blue
Smiles so lovely to behold
With tears as morning dew

Dainty hands like buds unfurled
Reach out to touch your lips
Shell-styled ears yet softly whorled
And tiny finger tips

Soft and tender in your arms
And warm as summertime
Set with sweet and endless charms
Endearing and sublime

They gurgle, chuckle, pout and cry
Throughout each passing day
Joyful in their cots they lie
To ease the time away

They, the future of this earth
Bring hope for everyone
Celebrate each baby`s birth
Each daughter and each son

Little hearts yet meek and mild
So innocent and pure
O to live life as a child
Who`er could ask for more

Suvro Bhattacharya 06 July 2012

A poem out of a pure heart i believe! With deep rooted poetics in the fibre of every word! Phrase! Totally nice reading!

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Craig Anderson 06 July 2012

Absolutely stunning write felt every word Val. Thank you. Regards Craig.

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Diane Hine 07 July 2012

So many lovely lines in a delightful poem.

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Kasia Fedyk 07 July 2012

Valerie, the sweetness of this poem is incredible, the flow and visualization sublime in every way. Just Divine Beautiful! It touches my soul. Thank you! Love and Light

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Kayode Peter Ogunleye 08 November 2017

Really love this, children are so innocent and pure at their tender age. We need bring them up in Godly and good they can grow to really express their real human nature and not been enculturize with through socialization which tend to bring either positive or a negative change on there life. I support the social and mental development of a child towards self discovery and actualization. God bless

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Valerie Dohren 08 November 2017

Thank you for reading and commenting. Very much appreciated.

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Walterrean Salley 13 July 2012

Absolutely lovely. Goes to the core. Could feel the rhythm and purity, as well, of this timeless piece.

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Meticulously depictive and as popetically warming as freshly baked bread...I am sure that I have said this before, but I feel compelled to reiterate the fact that you have a darting penchant for structure/metre, which as you know sets the stage for your work to be read as you would recite it... Superb write, young lady! ~FjR~

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Smoky Hoss 13 July 2012

Another wonderful poem from a wonder-filled writer!

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Juan Olivarez 13 July 2012

Lovely poem, children are angels in disguise.

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