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*love Of Bridges

Rating: 3.1

I used to think I was afraid of heights
Because I would become weak-kneed
When looking down from overpasses.
But once grown enough to recognize
The symptoms of love sickness -
How the heart and groin churn in the same direction -
Whereas with fear it is a more dizzy,
Sweaty, stomach-wrenching ordeal;
I have to admit I have a love affair with bridges.

My heart flutters over trusses of
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hey, this poem here is good!

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Shashendra Amalshan 28 June 2009

this is a great narrative indeed! ! i m 21 and sort of a feel so afraid when i see, all the obstacles i m face.. i mean i vnt climbed much at all.. an inspirational write indeed! ! ! ! good write ma'am with lots of love shan

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Ashraful Musaddeq 20 June 2009

'As much as my poems are my prayers. And I will glow radiant from the inspiration.' An outstanding poem...

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Sally Carter 20 June 2009

What a wonderful poem Lillian. It grabbed me from the very first line and held my attention to the last. I specially loved the imagery of the dancer, but the whole thing is magic. I have just returned from a holiday in Switzerland, and it reminded me of some of the amazing railways and funiculars round the mountains, which certainly felt like the engineers' devotions. Just make sure your friends keep a close rein on you next time you go sightseeing!

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rago rago 20 June 2009

your glow radian from the inspiration and poems as prayers...... superb and a crest in ph............

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