*my Life Is Mine And Only Mine! * Poem by Magic What'sHerName

*my Life Is Mine And Only Mine! *

Rating: 2.7

My smile is put on by plaster
I wish my life would end faster
Since I was born its been a disaster
Why do you think you're my master
And that you can tell me what to do?
My life sucks with you
So just leave me here alone
And you don't own
Me and you never did
Even though I hid
Or tried at least
But you at let out the beast
And I was left there to die
But after my blood has to dry
I will try to take hold of my life
I've wanted to ever since I was five
But people always wanted to boss me around
And I'd let them without a sound
But not anymore! Not this time!
My life is mine and only mine!

*(A poem for all of the bossy people in my life) *

Suicidal Magic 11 July 2009

the beast part is like the bad side he showed

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Deborah Cromer 27 June 2009

Reading this I find the 12th line down does not read clear to me? 'But you at let out the beast'. I think this should say something different? You might look it over? Thanks. Deborah Cromer

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