*abuse Me* Poem by Magic What'sHerName

*abuse Me*

Rating: 3.3

I sit on the ground
I'm trying not to make a sound
I stare at my feet
Hoping he can't find me and beat
Me until I'm all bloody and worn
Believe me I could have sworn
He looked like a good guy
But hey people aren't perfect and they like to lie.

While I'm throwing rocks at a tree
I feel like I'm going to pay a fee
Soon he will find me
I'm too tired to run anymore!
He was such a poor
Man and I thought he needed me
But he used and abused me!
And now he's after me
He wants what he can't have
I cried and all he did was laugh
How could he be so cruel?
Why does he look so cool?
Why am I known as a fool
If I were to believe him and let him in?
How did this all begin?

He has found me
I can hear him coming for me
His footsteps get louder and louder
He couldn't be more prouder
As he takes advantage of me
How could he just abuse me?
Why would he want to use me?

He has gone away
He went to abuse some other girl today
He gets closer and closer
Outside he's just a poser
The girl buys what he is on the outside
Never to know until it is too late what is inside!

Run! Run!
You may think that this is fun
But you'll be left there to die
Just like me because of a lie
Because of that stupid guy
Why can't anyone stop him! ? !

*(My poem for a guy in a mask, To rape me was his task) *

~ Jon London ~ 24 June 2009

Many in life chase the untouchable....once they've tasted love...they find it hard in letting go......it's a true saying...you don't miss it until it's gone....If you're happy away from this person and you know that they will only cause harm to you.....place their soul in the bin...and smile......you are free to do as you please now.....enjoy life..........it's their loss....after all..............well composed piece....you write your emotion well.....keep penning my friend...you are gifted

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Nooruddeen Mm 24 June 2009

Dear Magic Good writing, good flow. Keep writing. Regards, Nooruddeen

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Sabrina :) 24 June 2009

I'm getting really sad. Please, if this is real, don' t let it get to you. What you can do with words is great. I only wish I was this amazing...

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Cecilia Skopec 24 June 2009

Your poems are unique, and i like that. I just wish they were unique in a different way. So they wouldnt be so sad. But we express ourselves through our poems, so no matter what i wish, you keep on doing that. :) I like the words you chose, good rhyming.

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Bonnie Collins 24 June 2009

Very powerfull write painted with many vivid colours of pain fear and survival...Very nicley penned....... Bonnie

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Taylor Fong 30 July 2009

this is really greatly written. showing how you feel about what happened through poetry js really good. i can relate to a few of your poems. check out a few of mine. maybe youll find a few you like. (:

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BEAU GOLDEN 21 July 2009

SO descriptive and shocking. Talking about and telling about it helps to heal the pain of abuse. I always focus on the good people of the world.98 out of 100 i feel.

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Saadat Tahir 04 July 2009

once bitten twice shy you have the courage to ack....thats a great step forward wether u like it or not....somethings will go down as experience very well written cheers

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Makayla Straight 26 June 2009

Wow! WHen I was a little girl, I was abused by my mother,

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Mikayla Carpenter 26 June 2009

Great flow; ] Nice rhythm. 10+

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