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*abuse Me*

Rating: 3.3

I sit on the ground
I'm trying not to make a sound
I stare at my feet
Hoping he can't find me and beat
Me until I'm all bloody and worn
Believe me I could have sworn
He looked like a good guy
But hey people aren't perfect and they like to lie.

While I'm throwing rocks at a tree

I feel like I'm going to pay a fee
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The Poet Laureates 25 June 2009

Great rhyme scheme i really like this poem keep the work up..

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Surya . 25 June 2009

hey poet. wonderfull poem.so touching.this para says it all 'Run! Run! You may think that this is fun But you'll be left there to die Just like me because of a lie Because of that stupid guy Why can't anyone stop him! ? ! ' i love this poem love surya

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i really like this poem it brings back memories 'They Look At Dad' is my abuse poem but i love yours! ! ! 110% keep wrighting No Reason To Care

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Tesla Blackburn 25 June 2009

I love it! i give it a 1000. It is true that they are very smart at getting innocent prey. It's ashame. I love this poem though. It had me to tears. Such a great poem.

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Deborah Cromer 24 June 2009

I love that you can write about this. People don't always understand what goes through the victim's mind. You write it very clearly, making it easier to let people know there's alot more to abuse than just the actual abuse itself. Read my poem 'Afflicted' if you get a chance. Thanks! Deborah Cromer

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Taylor Fong 30 July 2009

this is really greatly written. showing how you feel about what happened through poetry js really good. i can relate to a few of your poems. check out a few of mine. maybe youll find a few you like. (:

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BEAU GOLDEN 21 July 2009

SO descriptive and shocking. Talking about and telling about it helps to heal the pain of abuse. I always focus on the good people of the world.98 out of 100 i feel.

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Saadat Tahir 04 July 2009

once bitten twice shy you have the courage to ack....thats a great step forward wether u like it or not....somethings will go down as experience very well written cheers

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Makayla Straight 26 June 2009

Wow! WHen I was a little girl, I was abused by my mother,

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Mikayla Carpenter 26 June 2009

Great flow; ] Nice rhythm. 10+

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