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Mahatma Gandhi 1 - Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

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On a bright day in Sudamapuri,
The second day of October,
In the year of eighteen sixty nine,
A sudden burst of heat,
The sun shinning at its brightest
The golden leaves of autumn,
Dropping down gracefully,
A unique baby was born
Heralding into the port of Porbunder,
A luminous star!

The new born boy,
Mohandas Gandhi
Born into a affluent family,
Gujarat -a state in India,
With glorious heritage of
Shrewd business men,
Clever traders,
Down to earth,
Lively and fun-loving!

The tiny little baby,
A bright star,
With large dark eyes,
Like two deep pools of compassion,
Soft brown skin that resembled
Mother earth,
Benign and beautiful!
A resolute mouth that vowed
To speak truth and
Only truth!

The little boy Mohandas Gandhi
Born to Karamchand Gandhi -
A generous man for whom
Charity was a way of life.
The father enjoyed giving and
Sharing his wealth with the needy!
The Mother - a pious jain woman,
Nursed the sick and the disabled!
Born out of such exemplary parents,
The boy grew up with noble thoughts.

The seed of lofty thoughts
Sprouted into a sapling,
Eventually grew into a huge tree
To hold under its shade
Millions of aspirations,
A definite purpose,
Of rights and righteousness,
A strong will to do or die,
A firm resolute to serve the nation
And to fulfill the dreams of millions of people!

Mahatma Gandhi 1 -  Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
I am a die hard fan of Mahatma Gandhiji - The Great Soul!
Perhaps, thousand books have already been written on Gandhiji.
Though I am just a pebble in the vast ocean of writers and poets, yet,
my inner spirit guides me to pen a few verses on Gandhiji.
These are a series of verses in prose format, focusing mainly on Gandhiji's childhood, as a student, and a few episodes that made him an exemplary human being. His life itself was the greatest example of why he was hailed as a Mahatma.
Here is an humble attempt to highlight Gandhiji's life, his principles, his writings and his invaluable contribution to this world.
i am happy to be writing these poems for the Poem-Hunter
I dedicate this work to the father of our nation on this day of second October on the occasion of Gandhiji's 147th birth anniversary.

Writing on his birth of father of nation, who opened the countries vision, your poem was super collectin

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Thank you Vaidyanathan. So nice of you to comment on the poem.

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Jaishree Nair 01 October 2015

A great tribute to the father if our nation. Your words just about describes him .Thanks for sharing

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Thank you Jaishree for reading the poem and for your kind comment.

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Renuka Dhabadgaonkar 05 October 2021

Brilliantly written piece????

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Rama Nair 03 October 2021


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Rajnish Manga 03 October 2021

Just posted my comments but it vanished in a swish. Great poem for a great man. Thanks Geeta ji.

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Colonel Jayadev 03 October 2021

Superb and very enlightening ??????????????????????????????

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Colonel Jayadev 03 October 2021

Excellent work and delightful reading. ??????????????????

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Praveen Menon 03 October 2021

As always it was a delight to read! Wonderful piece of work

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