Mahatma Gandhi 10 - Kasturba, The Beloved Wife Of Gandhi Poem by Geeta Radhakrishna Menon

Mahatma Gandhi 10 - Kasturba, The Beloved Wife Of Gandhi

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Gandhiji was not just an ordinary man
For Kasturba to share her life,
With mundane daily affairs,
But, a man of extraordinary vision!
She held on to all his goals,
Embraced all his ideals,
Like her very own!
She identified with the great soul-
The Mahatma;
To form an indissoluble bond,
Not merely with his body or mind,
But with his indomitable spirit!

It was not an easy journey for Kasturba
To be married to Mohandas Gandhi,
Her strong will and refusal to oblige,
Often misinterpreted by Mohandas
As obstinacy in a difficult relationship!
The early years of marriage were ridden
With differences, discordant notes,
Yet, as years passed by,
There emerged with patience and tolerance,
A new trust and faith in each other's company;
Blossoming into a bond of love and respect for each other
A great partnership until they became inseparable souls!

Kasturba formed deep bonds
With her close and extended family,
Besides her friends, associates, freedom fighters,
With warmth of love and affection!
She too was a valiant fighter
Having endured imprisonment in South Africa,
And in many battles in India!
'Those knowing Kasturba honoured her
As Gandhiji's faithful, sacrificing, courageous wife.
Kasturba was also admired for her caring, agility and neatness;
Her ease, besides handicaps, with women of rank;
And her understanding of human nature! '

The purity of Kasturba's mind
Never ever questioned,
Never doubted,
Gandhiji's chosen paths!
She discovered the hidden treasures
Of his inner being
And tread the same path,
Hand in hand,
Paths blocked by thousand obstacles,
Paths ridden with miseries and tears,
Paths strewn with pebbles and thorns,
Paths followed by exceptional commitments!

Kasturba made her transition from this world,
On a full moon day
In her husband's arms;
On twenty second of February
In the year nineteen forty four,
Devadas and Sushila sobbing beside her.
A large tear dropped down Gandhi's eyes,
He felt that half of him was gone.
Later Gandhiji asserted:
' If I had to choose a companion for myself life after life,
I would choose only Ba
It is because of her that I am today what I am.'

Kasturba emerged
An incarnation of tolerance
Though she had the freedom
To choose her own path,
Yet, she chose to remain
Beside her zealous husband
An equal partner in all his missions!
Just as Gandhiji was wedded to Kasturba,
He was wedded to his country -India,
But most of all he was wedded
To his greatest ideal;
The experiments with ‘Truth' and ‘Ahimsa'!

Thursday, October 22, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: personality
Rajmohan Gandhi is Mahatma Gandhi's grandson who teaches in the USA at the Universitry of Illinois. In his book of 745 pages, entitled 'A true story of a Man, his People and an Empire' he portrays and answers the query -'what was Gandhi like in his daily life and in his closest relationships? '
This book was bought and presented to me by my daughter Radhika on Mother's day in 2007. Radhika autographs in the front page-
'To my wonderful Amma and role model! A book on your role model! '
Abdulrazak Aralimatti 30 October 2015

Verily, as goes the saying that 'after every successful man there is a woman Here is a fine example Loved reading the poem Added to my poem list

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Jaishree Nair 22 October 2015

Its a sad fact that Kasturba Gandhi was never glorified for her staunch support in all Gandhijis struggles She must her suffered a lot bringing up her children in the absence of Gandhi and her silent endeavours and sacrifices are rarely highlighted. Thanks for this great tribute to her.Enjoyed reading.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 22 October 2015

Very interesting and wonderful poem is in tribute to Gandhi and his family. Nicely drafted and shared...10

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