Metaphor As It Is Poem by Ayatullah Nurjati

Metaphor As It Is

Rating: 5.0

Sometimes literature often crashes into the language space
Speeches, statements made by reliable poets are sometimes revealed in the next few decades when the poet dies
Poets sometimes look eccentric, often isolated and even alienated among the community in their time
Poets sometimes have fun with philosophers in expressing a desire of the heart or even join forces in expressing an ethics and aesthetics.

Ontology, etymology and epistemology, Axiology seemed to disappear when the poet said
Even the teachings of the prophets can also be translated by philosophers and become the successors of the religion brought by the prophets and apostles as guardians that God sent to earth.
The Dark Room of Literature is clearly broadcast when the Poet reveals a fact and it is clear that he will be marginalized by social class.
Own language is cool to relax with the fame of his big name
It is clear that when dualism is taken as a predicate, poets and philosophers always produce a masterpiece that is part of the inscription of life.
Well, I asked myself, What is the current position?
I am the cricket among the vast wilderness of the world's poets and philosophers or am I just a speck of dust among the deserts of philosophy, language and literature

where are the philosophers and writers today? where are they? are they already in their comfort zone so as to put aside the existing idealism or is it the ego stuck to their forehead that is their specialty?
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