Miracle Cure Poem by Jayne Louise Davies

Miracle Cure

Rating: 4.2

Oh here's my friend the postman,
Well what have you got today?
Electric bill?
Gas bill?
More bills I have to pay.
With rising costs of energy,
I dread to open these letters,
The quarterly bills, are now doubling in price,
Don't look like it's going to get better,
I think I'll seek out my old fur coat,
This winter,
I'll need it for sure,
With the rising rate of inflation,
We all need a miracle cure.

Jayne Davies

Richard Wlodarski 18 May 2022

So very funny...yet, so very sad. At least, you're able to laugh about it. Great poem, Jayne!

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Thank you Richard! I appreciate your comments as always x

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Brook Renwick 02 May 2022

Timely poem Jayne and time will tell if I feel the pinch also.

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Jayne Davies 03 May 2022

Thanks Brook, yes it remains to be seen.

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Nabakishore Dash 02 May 2022

The miracle cure is our frugality only.Inflation would be more killing beacause of the ongoing war.Nice write about the present universal problems.

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Jayne Davies 03 May 2022

Thanks for your comment. Much appreciated.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 01 May 2022

A wonderful poem.5 stars

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Jayne Davies 02 May 2022

Thank you for your kind comments. Much appreciated.

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Jayne Louise Davies

Jayne Louise Davies

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