Miraculous Birds Witnessed In Holy Sanctuary Poem by s.zaynab kamoonpury

Miraculous Birds Witnessed In Holy Sanctuary

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In the wake of the corona virus pandemic that looms round the world
transporting many to doomsday's waiting room
leaving the diseased deceased's bereaved in gloom
I send my prayers to all affected and afflicted.
May God have mercy and intervene.

For a record rare episode
the caretakers of the precincts of the sacrosanct Kabah in Mecca
evacuated everybody to sterilise and sanitise the premises
as part of precautionary preventive measures as well
So they stopped and stalled the usually nonstop circumambulation.
For The holy kabah otherwise is never empty of worshippers
rotating round it in ritual, spiritual revolution
But now they suspended the revolving exercise temporarily
giving us a rare view of the flooring and tiling around it
which is otherwise always covered, packed all year round.
I've personally witnessed even in umrah times
there are always some pilgrims constantly revolving around it in tawaf
24 / 7 all day and all night long, whenever you go, whatever the time.
The holy kabah therefore is used to the crowds and the throng
But wait, oh my! even now it wasn't vacant of worshippers for long!
For when evacuated of people this year
birds were spotted and captured on camera
miraculously revolving, whirling round and encircling the kaabah! ! !

Thus albeit emptied of human devotees
yet other creatures circled it in adoration
Like moths round a flame
they revolved round the symbolic centre-point source of all light,
the Creator of all creation
So even then it wasn't devoid of worshipful circumambulation! !
The few onlookers watched them in awe and commented on
those white doves swirling and swooping like Muslim pilgrims in white
OMG it was a miraculous sight of creature's devotion.!

As we Muslims believe the kabah though apparently only so high and tall
it extends unto the heavens, beyond space as well
that's why aeroplanes aren't allowed to fly overhead
and can't fly in the airspace above the sacred kaabah.

I adore birds already but doubly triply adored these
special, blessed, miraculous birds in spiritual adoration
See even creatures and animals recognise and acknowledge the one true God
It's time everyone else did for their own salvation.
I myself recall seeing smaller night creatures flying all around it singing in invocation
My eyes tear with nostalgic longing
wishing to be standing close to this special focal point of worship
Performing prayerful tawaf like these lucky flock of birds in close affinity
in the absence of human pilgrims who usually flock to this Holy axis and have been doing so all these centuries.
For God is everywhere, near to us and yet invisible
Yet He bids us all Muslims to turn to and face the kabah for prayers as the visible focal point of unity.
And since He has declared it as the central point of His worship
being actually there in physical closeness feels heavenly and very blissfully blessed for connection and supplication.
The kabah is just the central point and God is not actually housed in it.
Just like we raise our hands and eyes to heaven in prayer
Yet Allah Himself says in the holy Quran that He is nearer to us than our jugular vein
so He's not far and afar in some high heaven above only
Therefore likewise no one should think we worship the kaabah cube
All Muslims merely must face it for unification
as per God's direction for focal point direction.

I wonder what secular bird ornithologists would have to say about it
if they observed these birds circling and revolving round the kaabah at night only when it was vacant of human pilgrims.
Ok stay safe everyone, I hope and pray the videos above go more viral around the world than the terrible deadly corvid 19 virus.

Miraculous Birds Witnessed In Holy Sanctuary
Some Muslim countries mentioned the circling holy kabah birds in their news headlines and breaking news.

Here in Tanzania Dar, where I'm settled an American is the first to be infected with the dreadful covid19 and neighbouring Zanzibar it's a German with the first case and now we feel it is spreading. May God help us all.
Kumarmani Mahakul 02 May 2020

Your wishing and plea to God mostly impress me. Let me quote first...I send my prayers to all affected and afflicted. May God have mercy and intervene. This poem titled " Miraculous Birds Witnessed In Holy Sanctuary" is so touchingly and beautifully delineated. Thank you very much.

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Thanks very much! Peace and greetings sir.

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Mahtab Bangalee 03 May 2020

I respect your holy observation and the spiritual feelings. Your prayer is for all affected and afflicted. Allah, the unseen Almighty must save all either believers on Him or nonbelievers. Because Allah is only Creator of the whole universe.

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Woah so many comments, yes of course Allah the merciful saves both believers and non believers. Thanks!

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Bri Edwards 09 October 2020

to MyPoemList for this L O N G narrative. It is nice you can convey your religious devotion and, at the same time, throw in some birds for this non-believer/ex-Christian (for 50 years) , ....and BIRD 'LOVER'. Maybe it was time for the doves to find nesting locations, not already occupied. Perhaps humans should think of (wonderful) birds and annually give the sanctuary over to THEM, maybe for a week? But then there would be MORE cleanup needed afterwards. bri :)

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Tom Allport 15 August 2020

A wonderful write of feathered friends taking wondrous flight even though it was night...well penned

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Edward Kofi Louis 03 July 2020

Coronavirus pandemic! ! ! This is just the first plague! Then comes six others; Muse of prophecy to the world! Mankind on earth. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Amir Marandi 27 May 2020

Thank you for inviting me to read this piece. Very spiritual. " a miraculous sight of creature's devotion"

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Nosheen Irfan 09 May 2020

Beautifully penned. Indeed all creation pay tribute to the glory of the Creator and a beautiful manifestation of it is Tawaaf around Kaaba. Thanks for this heart-touching rendition of your faith and hope. A feast for the reader.

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Warmest thanks sis for your nice fab evaluation and words on this incident and poem. Always nice to know your thoughts. Take care,

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s.zaynab kamoonpury

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