Mini Earthquake Experiences Poem by s.zaynab kamoonpury

Mini Earthquake Experiences

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Experienced a third bigger earthquake recently but this poem I wrote for a smaller earthquake years ago)

My first trivial tremor experience had been in Southern Africa
And now this puny earthquake I felt in Tanzania.
I saw everything waltz to and fro and lightly shake
Bottles turned ballerinas dancing slightly to the quake
I watched glass decors on the walls quiver and jolt
Scaredy me was half asleep, no wonder didn't bolt
I thought I was dreaming or imagining things
My bed and chairs converted into gentle swings.
All vials and vases jiggled to dance a jig
The lil horrors over so I cast humor's wig.
Ah when began rattling, the knick knacks on my dresser
Was when it dawned upon me in horror
That this was really an early dawn tremor.
I phoned some friends but those early risers
Hadn't even noticed or felt those tremors
I bet they thought I was spreading false rumours
After all poets are stereotyped as fanciful philosophers.
My cell phone keypad became my panic button in a flurry
Of course I wanted all to be alerted, alarmed in worry

Nobody believed me until it was announced in our mosque
And everyone was then called by muezzin to pray the signs prayers
Then everybody knew the tremor was no hoax
Some patted me for being the first to notice this shaking of earthly layers
Of course I thanked God this was no major earthquake
I've heard in other places how terribly the earth can crack and shake
Who else but God could I owe my heartfelt gratitude
For this being my 2nd low power tremor in magnitude
As it measured low on the Richter scale based on the seismic waves' amplitude
But the earth was shaken and I too was shaken
No pics of the shivering axis were taken
To date runs down my spine such a shiver
On recalling how the mother earth did quiver
I have seen videos of earthquakes where the earth juggles things like a salt shaker
May God protect us from such a waker and breaker

Mini Earthquake Experiences
Wednesday, January 20, 2021
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Kostas Lagos 20 January 2021

You have captured the panic an earthquake can trigger perfectly. Excellent poem

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S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 21 January 2021

Thanks so much for comment,

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LeeAnn Azzopardi 20 January 2021

simple prefection Bravo! Encore! Encore!

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S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 21 January 2021

Warmest thanks for great feedback. Take care.

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David Wood 21 January 2021

Earthquakes are a nasty experience, you captured the effects very well.

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Captain Cur 13 March 2021

What a frightening experience. Thank goodness only a small as you say mini quake. We all know how deadly the big ones can be. Well written, felt like I was experiencing the quake through your words!

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Kim Barney 12 March 2021

An interesting experience, as earthquakes always are. I have lived through many minor ones.

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Susan Williams 19 February 2021

loved the details--'Got flipped off the page again===I love the details you used to describe the mini earthquake! 5 star

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M.J. Lemon 24 January 2021

You describe the experience perfectly. I have experienced a few quakes in North America, and I can attest that the earth does seem to'waltz'. An terrific verse!

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Tom Maxwell 24 January 2021

Your poem has a very good subject, I enjoyed

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