Missing Her Poem by Pirate Love Magic Man

Missing Her

Rating: 3.5

Missing her hand gently wrapped in mine.
Missing her sensual lips locked with mine.
Missing her joyful laugh outside of mine.
Missing her voice in soft conversation with mine.
Missing her dark brown eyes connecting with me.
Missing her silent beauty next to me.

~ ~ Missing her ~~


aww amazing but who is she? ? ?

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aww so filled with love. What happend to her? I hope you cheer up soon. I'll pray for you. =)

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DELETED NOW 11 July 2008

this one makes me sad.

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Miriam Maia Padua 11 January 2009

you really missed her.....the beauty of your words speaks all of your feelings... very romantic repitition.... beautiful....lovely piece.......

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*Trusting You* 31 December 2008

we dont know how good someone is or how much they mean to us until after they are gone.... nice piece. good job. Purkey

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**paris* forever forgotten** 12 December 2008

beautiful, sad poem. very......poignant. anyways, i loved it, as always.

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pied piper 11 September 2008

Missing is such a hard lonely road. Such a beautiful thing to miss with your heart.

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Cool Soubai 23 July 2008

i like that sweet hissing sound in your poem

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