Moments In Time Poem by ANDREW BLAKEMORE

Moments In Time

Rating: 5.0

Moments in time
Things could have been different,
And if I could change things I'd go back again,
Chances I missed
Wrong places and timings,
And all went awry left alone with my pain.

Moments in time
That could capture a heartbeat,
They all passed me by and so they went unseen,
Blossoms of love
Always fell in the springtime,
Then blew across fields and the hillsides of green.

Moments in time
I will always remember,
And never forget how the good turned to bad,
Lost is the hope
There is someone who needs me,
Who's sharing this heartache and feeling so sad.

Moments in time
Now so far in the distance,
And there's no returning those days have all passed,
Gone is the joy
With my dreams of the summer,
And love that I longed for that just couldn't last.

Susan Jarvis 25 June 2009

A beautiful and wistful poem. The comparison of lost love with the seasons is a lovely touch. S :)

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Ann Beard 25 June 2009

I love the tone and was carried by the flow. Kind regards Ann

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Ernestine Northover 25 June 2009

A lovely rhythmic poem, I felt like singing to it somehow, although the contents were sad. How we can all look back wishing we had done things in another way, or as you say, another time, or another place. Another wonderful poem from your magic pen. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX

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Even though this is written in a melancholy mood the beauty of Spring lifted the mood for here. There is an acceptance in the last stanza of the moments having passed but life goes on regardless. As usual Andrew this is a fine poem comparable to any Master poet from moments in time. 10 Karin Anderson

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Lynda Robson 07 July 2009

A very poignant piece Andy, moments in time, when we reflect on what could have been, I found this very touching and written from the heart, 10 Lynda xxx

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Anjali Sinha 04 July 2009

lovely poem Moments in time excellent write -10 anjali

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Bonnie Collins 03 July 2009

Oh ANDREW! ! ! ! ! This one is for me.... LOL... It is so beautifully written with so many picutures of life passing by. I love the romantic feel you have given this master piece... Beautifully done and leaves the reader with such a warm feeling inside... I have read this twice enjoyed each time as the one before.... A 10 PLUS......

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Shashendra Amalshan 03 July 2009

oh! ! ! ! ! i wish i can have time machine too, so that i can travel back and relive the precious moments or else change the things that made the present times sort of miserable.. anyway this is a nice write indeed andrew! ! ! .. with love shan

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~ Jon London ~ 29 June 2009

Andrew my dear friend, I am forever amazed by your genius ability to paint the most beautiful visions....I have always admired your craft, you are a poet close to many hearts my friend.....and I wish you every success in all that you do......excellent penning as always 10+++

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