Monday Morning Poem by Ernestine Northover

Monday Morning

Rating: 4.9

I was happy this morning, as I woke up in bed,
Then realized it was Monday and I faced the day with dread,
For somehow, whatever comes my way, my temper is displayed,
Just mentioning 'it's Monday', my nerves, they become frayed.

The day will be just a ' write off', it's no good me trying to do
Any sort of reasonable job, things won't go right. It's true!
It's like a 'cloud' which hangs around and never let's you be,
Whatever I attempt to do, disaster follows me.

If I could sleep through Mondays, then that would be just bliss!
Then Mondays wouldn't have happened, I'd have given them a miss!

© Ernestine Northover

Emma Johnson 12 March 2006

The plaintiveness of your complaints make them as charming as your happier rhymes. May all your Mondays beam with joy, Ernestine. Love from Susie.

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Mary Nagy 01 October 2005

Yep! Mondays are the worst! Great one. Sincerely, Mary

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Brian Jani 29 May 2014

Bravo Ernestine I like this one

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Andrew Blakemore 18 September 2008

I agree totally about monday morning blues Ernestine and sundays are always spoilt thinking about them. Lovely, humerous piece. Best wishes, Andrew

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Elysabeth Faslund 26 April 2008

10 for honesty,10 for fair play,10 for being enjoyed,10 for laughing,10 for...wait a sec....uh, that's 50...okay 100 it is! ! Atta girl...put them Mondays in their place! ! ! !

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Melvina Germain 02 July 2007

Excellent poem Ernestine, I hear the ballerina's call Monday, 'Blue Monday' apparently that's the day they hate the most because of all the aches and pains they face having not used those leg muscles on the weekend, unless of course they had a gig oops I don't think they would call it a gig though. Shall we then say a performance LOL. I love your work Ernestine--Melvina--

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Duncan Wyllie 03 April 2006

Many people would share this view but I see it as negative programming and a habbit that must be broken. 'Isn't it a filthy day 'says one. 'No it's just rain, says another. Thankyou for sharing your tallent Ernestine and my views on Monday mornings are not to condem your work in any way.Love Duncan

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