Dilantha Gunawardana

Monsoon Rains - Poem by Dilantha Gunawardana

As a rainbow arches to the cloud-marred heavens
As to the midday zenith the morning sun leavens
As the clouds scamper along the azure sky
Raindrops trickle even as the sun through the clouds pry

As the trickle elevates to a seasonal downpour
As the monsoon whisper sweet nothings to the awaiting floor
As life forms scamper to escape the pummeling rains
Lavishing in a deluge are the corner drains

As monsoons erupt from Aeolus's north-western path
Waiting are the feathered kind for a liberating bath
As the feathers soak in the gallons of heaven's tears of joy
The beak partakes with a whisper from the aisles in an air coy

As the umbrellas open up to the falling fiesta
The elderly succumb to the comforts of an evening siesta
As the mud puddles appear on the pavements' loft
Sweet surrendering are the pants to a splatter exuberant yet soft

As a couple huddle together in the falling monsoon
As damp cotton passionately clasps the skin in mystical June
As two palms softly hold each other in an amorous gesture
The rain gods weep even louder sensing the affection in capture

As distant lovers kiss the scattering rain
Through the time tunnel of a window pane
Reminiscing the times when two forms fused to the bliss of one
To the falling heavens as blessings were sprung

As the rain splatters on the front garden
Innocence gather in a mud-laden haven
As the monsoons wallop the Mohawks and pigtails
Splurging are wind gods with a roar that incessantly wails

As the traffic marches on with hoots aloud
Gathering under porticoes is the rain-marred crowd
As winds carve their path with umbrellas in utter disarray
Yet there are those who venture in to the streets for a muddy fray

On the playground mats amidst the mud puddles
A ball flies to the awaiting palms as a celebration huddles
Even the furor of the rain gods in their apical magnitudes
Couldn't stop a game of cricket in its fervent altitudes

Rain, shattering and galloping here and afar
Rain, falling heavens from the throne of a star
Rain, sweet cascades of tears from a far away giant
Falling their heart out for an effervescence of lifeforms reliant

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Monsoon rains

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Poem Submitted: Monday, October 15, 2012

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