Whispering Breeze Poem by Ernestine Northover

Whispering Breeze

Rating: 4.8

A soft, whispering breeze, stirs the leaves on the trees,
And then suddenly, a gust, lifts the dry settled dust,
Things start moving about, and now there's no doubt,
That a storm's on the way, coming in from the bay.

So it's shutters up folks, there's no time now, for jokes,
Batten down all things loose, and bring in the old goose,
Or she'll screech out in fright. Now hold her quite tight.
There, the rain has begun, and the winds having fun.

It'll hang around for a bit, so we'll just wait and sit,
Until all's calm once again, with the going of the rain,
Clouds will part, sun will peep, and the foliage weep,
And a soft, whispering breeze, will stir the leaves on the trees.

© Ernestine Northover

Mary Nagy 27 January 2006

I love how this poem actually weathers the storm through Ernestine. I could almost see the rainbow forming.................. Great poem. Sincerely, Mary

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Uriah Hamilton 27 January 2006

Lovely fun write, love all the imagery of the storm and the trees.

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Rusty Daily 27 January 2006

And this is a soft whispering breeze of a poem. Reminds one of the cycles of nature. Liked the way the rhymes didn't interupt the flow of the poem. Rusty

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Hugh Cobb 27 January 2006

I bet you had fun writing this one, Earnestine. The internal rhyme scheme is not unlike a puzzle to work with. It challenges the intellect. Well-crafted, like all of your work. A pleasure to read. Warmly, Hugh

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poopoo peepee 25 June 2019

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poopoo peepee 25 June 2019

absolutely brother

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Marilyn Lott 02 October 2007

A lovely fun style, Ernestine. You have a unique voice that is captivating. Marilyn

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Duncan Wyllie 05 March 2006

To make it through the storm Ernestine, all is possible.Love Duncan

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Chuck Audette 01 February 2006

This is great. Excellent rhymes and flow and word choices. -chuck

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***** ********* 27 January 2006

There is nothing like a cool breeze to to blow away the cobwebs Ernestine! Quiet yet forceful little poem. 10 from likewise Tai

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