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You're a mentor, a teacher, a fountain of stories and song, you're my memories and my foundation. You're the deepest love and the safest harbour. Sometimes I want to walk backwards up the birth canal and nestle in your womb, swim in your amniotic fluid, reconnect to the umbilical and be happy inside you. Sometimes I just want to hear your voice or have you say everything will be okay.
You protected me, watched me grow, nurtured me, hoped for me and told me
I could be anything I wanted.
I don't agree with everything you say; we're different people and different generations - but sometimes I am your mirror image and my voice is your voice and your sayings are my sayings.
And I know, if I had a shop you'd be my best customer, if I opened a library, you'd get a new book every day, if I was a mechanic you'd bring your car to me and boast to your friends about how good I am, if I was a movie star, you'd watch all my movies, and if I didn't do much of anything, you'd still believe in me and find ways to show me I'm worth loving.
If I had to explore the world, you wouldn't stop me spreading my wings even if it made you cry, and when I came back you'd hug me so hard...even if it made you
cry some more.
You invested so much time and love in me, just so I could be independent and live my own life. You'd rather give me away than tear me in half.

I love you

Happy Mother's Day everyone!
Michael Walker 12 May 2018

A most fitting poem for Mothers Day. You have, I think, a sincere love for your mother, and express it with 'if' clauses-'if I had a shop you'd be my best customer'. I personally like long lines across the page, as you have here. They are my favourite form. Until two years ago, I lived for 25 years in New Lynn, Auckland, and used to drive up to the Hibiscus Coast quite often.

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It's a small world Michael!

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Tango 12 May 2018

So true, we only ever have one mum, and that she means so much.

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Aqua Flower 12 May 2018

This is quite beautiul about mother. This is a perfect tribute to all mothers on mother's day! Thank you for sharing! :)

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Jazib Kamalvi 30 December 2018

A refined poetic imagination, Marissa Oakley. You may like to read my poem, Love And Iust. Thank you.

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Mark Heathcote 14 May 2018

Excellent write Marissa I enjoyed the journey back swimming through amniotic fluid. Nice one.

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Ramesh T A 13 May 2018

Mother is all in all for any child in the world. Above all, there is no equivalent to mother's love as she is god like in human form. Nice to read you great piece on mother!

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Edward Kofi Louis 13 May 2018

The love of a mother! ! Nice dedication. Thanks for sharing.

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Practicing Poetess 12 May 2018

A sweet sentiment penned in tribute to what sounds like a near-ideal mother! I hope that she is still living, and I'm certain you're following in her footsteps. Happy Mother's Day to you (mine has passed away.) On a humourous note, RE: Line 9: There is a screen-printed teeshirt which says, 'Sometimes when I open my mouth, my mother comes out.' !

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Great t-shirt - that's so apt!

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