My Brother Poem by Hira Akhtar

My Brother

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I've a cute little brother
Sometimes he wants me to bother

When for a chocolate he is asking
He is lovely and charming

I love to kiss his soft cheeks
And to watch him when the ball he kicks

He rides his bicycle often
Also likes a baby dolphin

Always he likes to wear new clothes
On his birthday when candles he blows

His eyes are big and beautiful
And his cry is very painful

He takes care of his things
He is a king of the kings

He is the cutest brother ever
And i will love him forever

My Brother
Monday, April 15, 2013
Topic(s) of this poem: Brother
My brother(cousin) is very cute..I love him
Dinesan Madathil 19 January 2014

In this short poem dedicated to your little brother you have poured out your intense feelings towards him. A loving elder sister is a great for any brother and I hope you will continue to have the same intimacy all throughout your lives and let yourself be his caretaker at times. I enjoyed reading this poem. I am sure your little brother does not venture into sea to play with any live dolphin at all. Keep writing dear Hira Akhtar.

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Free Bird 16 September 2013

its so nice poem HIRA. i also have two brothers but unfortunately they are are older than me.i really think that having a younger brother is ASWOUME. God has given you a very beautifull gift. always do care of him :) fatima

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Bri Edwards 21 August 2013

it is a nice description of a little brother and a brother-sister relationship. i like rhyming in poems, though non-rhyming poems are often very nice as well. i think you are reaching almost too much for a rhyme when you use dolphin; it is a good rhyme, but i wonder if the statement is believable. also, some of the rhymes seem halfway between being rhymes and not being rhymes. but, ok. i especially enjoyed reading: Always he likes to wear new clothes On his birthday when candles he blows thanks for sharing.

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Bright Morn 15 April 2013

So sweeeettt... He is really a king of the kings c0z he has a sister like u, Keep it up, Bright morn

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