Morning Walk Poem by Hira Akhtar

Morning Walk

Rating: 3.1

We must go for a morning walk
I asked my mum during our talk

She agreed and I woke up at 5 O' clock
With the first crow of the cock

On our way, I heard the crow of a cock
Also saw a vegetable loaded bullock

I was happy to see a horse's buck
In the pool, beautiful white duck

Ah! those beautiful flowers i wanted to pluck
To see the astonishing beauty of dawn was my luck

It is impossible to give that panorama any remark
The fascinating beauty of dew drops on flowers playing spark

I can still feel the thrilling touch of a bark
And the cool breeze blowing in the park.......

Well me and my mom decided to go out for a morning walik an d then i decided to capture the scenes of nature in these lines...thanks
Bright Morn 14 April 2013

A sweeeett poem, keep writing little poetess: -) Best of luck Bright Morn

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Bright Morn 14 April 2013

A sweeeett poem, keep writing little poetess: -) Best of luck Bright Morn

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Yasmin Khan 01 May 2013

Your poem is a vivid description of your experience in a beautiful morn, a nice visual poem.

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Bri Edwards 27 November 2016

you did a fine job 'capturing the scenes of nature in these lines'! the rhyming is perhaps better than when i read it three years ago. to MyPoemList. i hope your studies and life in general are going well. i don't remember if you had the entrance exam for medical school. i'm thinking you did and that you succeeded. any updates? bri :)

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Akhtar Jawad 24 May 2014

A beautiful and simple description of early morning and nice poem in a language that can easily be understood by the readers.

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Khairul Ahsan 05 May 2014

This is a well rhymed poem that describes the beauty of nature as seen during the course of a morning walk. You need a poet's eye to see things you described. Well done!

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Hira Akhtar 23 August 2013

thanks sir for suggesting......i am very thankful yes sir buck is referring to a horse's movememnt and i changed the use of bark...Can you please tell me how is this now? thanks once again

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Bri Edwards 20 August 2013

very nice. i like the rhyming. i have two questions about word meanings. is buck referring to a horse's movement? and is touch of a bark referring to the feel of the outer surface of a tree? you used bark for something else also. i think it would have been better to just use it once in the poem, or at least to not have bark at the ends of two lines. maybe you could have put one bark inside a line. thanks for sharing. this is, i think, the poem i like best so far of the ones you have submitted. bri

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