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My Farmer Life …[ Hard Work & Hardly Any Time For Lovin'; Work On A Family Farm; Short; Humor; Dedicated To My Mrs.! ]

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Up at dawn to greet the day!
I'd rise sooner if I had my way.
Eat three eggs, and veggies too.
That's what we're all 'posed to do.

Weeding, before 7 a.m., comes first …
(the sun's low): milk to quench my thirst.
Oh! Did I forget to mentions milking cow?
Then comes work with the big tractor and plow.

By noon I'm ready for lunch: chicken gizzards and beer.
I'll need my energy for when I have to brand our new steer.
Then a quick nap and I go into orchards, there to pick....
Asian pears, apples, and plums. I can sure do it quick.

I MUST: "Make hay while the sun shines". [Clover]
More milking must be done ‘fore my work's over.
Mrs. just had twins! I don't know just WHEN …..
I had time/energy to become a Dad, again, but I ….
guess I DID, …..sometime SINCE I hired the ‘new man';
he's a real FAST worker for us. His name is Glenn.

(August 17, 2017)

Friday, August 18, 2017
Work Poems: 267 / 500
Topic(s) of this poem: humor
i've been doing a fair amount of gardening this year. Glenn is just a figment of my imagination.............i hope!

bri ;)
Bri Edwards 06 August 2018

HERE ARE SOME COMMENTS LEFT ON ANOTHER COPY OF THIS POEM: valentin savin (6/23/2018 3: 19: 00 AM) Well done. I like it. The farmer’s life isn't easy. And needs sufficient eating. Eggs and veggies are not enough as I see. I thought an egg a day and fresh air keeps the hunger away. Ha-ha-ha! (cont.)

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Lyn Paul 14 December 2017

So refreshing.... Sounds beautiful and I feel like dropping past for a coffee to see you all. No gizzards, yuk! ! ! I I want this life! Happy Xmas Dear Bri and thank you so much for all you do on PH! ! ! ! ! Also for your humour. Cheers Big Ears!

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Laurie Van Der Hart 25 August 2017

I love it, Bri! Great, imaginative poem. Funny, of course. Did you think it up in the garden? Did you ever have a farm life in the past? Sort of appeals to me, but I think I'd make a better farmer than farmer's wife: -)

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Geeta Radhakrishna Menon 09 February 2020

Three eggs, veggies and milk for breakfast: Chiken gizzards and beer for lunch: Then, pears, apples and plums! Wow! what a rich farmer! .........not like our poor Indian farmers! Your poem is as rhythmic as a dancer's gentle beats.

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A B Faniki 18 September 2019

As usall a beaitiful poem lace wit beautiful rhyme and rhythm. U my dear poet are a great wordsmith

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Bri Edwards 06 August 2018

(cont.) Valsa George (8/22/2017 12: 10: 00 AM) Your life as a farmer sounds so fruitful.....! While picking apples and plums.... did half of them go into your stomach.... I wonder! 'An apple a day will keep the doctor away'.... but too many of them will land you amid doctors...! Hope you still remember what happened once when you ate too many of them from the apple tree in your orchard!

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Bri Edwards 06 August 2018

(cont.) Jez Brul (3/25/2018 6: 59: 00 AM) An egg a day is enough for me if I am the farmer Bri lest the mother hen beat me for getting 3 eggs a day...haha... :) 10++++++++++ will be added to my poem list... (C0NT.)

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Bri Edwards 06 August 2018

(cont.) . jammey plums (3/26/2018 11: 28: 00 AM) Can I be a farmer PLEASE! this sounds like an amazing time :) (CONT.)

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