My Favourite Leader Poem by Salema Khatun

My Favourite Leader

Rating: 4.4

Nothing is the sun
Nothing is the moon,
Your beauty is so charming,
Wider than the sky
Higher than the hill
Your mind is so striking.
Deeper than the sea
Proper than the water,
Your honesty is so engulfing.
when I see your face
No tension, full of peace and grace
You are the leader of the leaders,
I am dying to be your one of the best followers.

Unwritten Soul 20 December 2011

Composed with many great lines, wider than, that really broad territory and almost can say no limit... The leader like that should be respected as much as you said... but dont forget the leader of your life is yourself, The Ultimate leader, the One who creates all leaders you admire :) It is nice work Salema, keep writing! ! ! _Unwritten Soul

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Ekaterina M. Polischuk 16 February 2012

very nice and bright poem) / i like it)))

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Hnt Var 16 February 2012

You are the leader of the leaders, I am dying to be your follower. My favourite peace. Good job!

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Allemagne Roßmann 08 March 2012

Only make sure behind the boldness of your like in this poetry.....the leader is not corrupt a person to be your shattered dreams like many others who are lost in water with time showing the efficiency of deficiencies and absolved vindications...a good write

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Aman Sa 20 March 2012

Great one...loved it...the same thing impresses me again, , the use of rationality..Moreover the end of the poem strikes one the most

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Shree Parno 09 January 2017

Very nice poem with full of respect and devotion.

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M Asim Nehal 09 January 2017

This poem is very well thought. I believe it is for the Last and Final Messenger of Almighty.

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Khairul Ahsan 16 July 2013

A nice tribute to whoever is the leader.

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Heather Wilkins 02 October 2012

you are the leader of all leaders.I am dying to be one of your best followers. nice

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The Reader 12 September 2012

Yes, no terms & conditions, once selected carefully n with open eyes, then the leader is, and, will always be the leader....good poem saleema....where are more poems? ? ?

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