My Lovely Friend Actually My Everything Poem by amir mohammad islami chalandar

My Lovely Friend Actually My Everything

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first time i saw him he was laughing very much

but i understood he mentally injured and depressed

i pointed him loving, philosophy and mysticism

he was rejoiced and in his imagination deeply obsessed

he asked me about love, confidence and friendship

to their own settlements he was carefully addressed

he had a great heart of loving and life

dishonesty and iniquity were completely suppressed

we persuaded each other in fraternity and love

no need a blood test, he indirectly confessed

his only fault was missing the unique god

in his approach worship was a resisting arrest

he avoided and missed me cos of this manner

he counted me just as an unwelcome guest

he was a chick in farm of the world

he thought about my ideas as fowl pest

i cant fight with this, it is my fate

only god can change this, it is his behest

world and fate, help me in this matter

i love our brotherhood, is my last request.

visitors, it is my real story of life. my all love poems is about this. just ask god to help me.
Kirti Sharma 25 June 2014

your feelings are beautifully expressed... nice poem..

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Dr Library @ Debadarshi 13 September 2014

Well written..........A humane observation.... do write more....

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Aftab Alam Khursheed 18 August 2014

An analytic poem on friendship and love....Love is a lamp of heaven indeed thanks Bros

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Amitava Sur 29 July 2014

Nice poem where friendship and love were analyzed from diff angles and justified them. Loved it.

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Poetheart Morgan 20 July 2014 is love anyway....Beautiful

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Ellias Anderson Jr. 12 July 2014

very nice indeed i know how you feel about this, love is not only a word or our actions, love is somethings much greater and i see it in your lines, i have felt it!

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