No Racism Poem by amir mohammad islami chalandar

No Racism

Rating: 4.8

they need help around the arrogant world

against racism the poor and blacks.

during history they always have pointed

fighting is easy only with an axe

they are humans actually people please believe

they need just a life, working in pax

people just protest, yelp your words

gather up in streets in large stacks

show that we are siblings there is no different

enforce your power use it in max

Tribhawan Kaul 19 June 2014

Beautiful thoughts expressed. Thanks for sharing.

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A candid and compelling cry for brotherhood in the human family. Well done my friend!

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Tribhawan Kaul 19 June 2014

Beautiful thoughts expressed. Thanks for sharing.

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Aftab Alam Khursheed 20 June 2014

A Divine guidance O the son of ADAM we are only one and nothing else...we are only human that is for humanity, to save the world, to preserve the oneness inside the heart and mind nice loving it

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We are siblings of one supreme being as God and no racism please.............very nicely expressed..........

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Sarah Ali 07 October 2016

i like the message in this poem..

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Abdulrazak Aralimatti 19 July 2015

As man is also an animal, We humans are one family in the animal kingdom.Our race is the human race.Lovely poem

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Kelly Kurt 11 April 2015

All men are equal. That must be the world's motto

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Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi 27 August 2014

it takes sometime to look at human without any color, culture and other variables as we have had limited knowledge in earlier centuries. The modern world belongs to people who are worth to contribute for the betterment of mankind. well written poem, Amir..Keep writing..

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Amitava Sur 08 August 2014

Racism is nothing but poison being injected by some selfish and opportunist people to the human society or family, just to destabilize it. thanks for highlighting this issue.

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