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My River

Rating: 4.9

Oh! My river
My cute river
Beauteous you are
In the morn, in the gloaming
Sandy is your bosom
Banks are grassy and pebbly
Pellucid little waves Singing and flowing smoothly
You are turned to a young bride now
Garbed in the glittering sequin of gold and argent
And flowing slowly arrayed in all your finery
And verily you are the sybarite!
I am at your bank again, my favorite hangout, where
I spent my childhood more often than not
Vividly return my memories of my nights with you
You were calm in those nights
Still you are, and the glory remains as pristine.
You are bathed in the moon light
How beautiful you are now!
The tiny stars are flashing and dazzling on your bosom
You are cradling thousands of them, as if,
It’s spectacular!
I am lying down, alone,
Looking at the zenith,
Gazing up the galaxy, within the clouds, and
Watching the Gleams of light
Coming through clouds’ cleavages
And vanishing into the river in the distance
The milky orb is almost in the horizon now, and
The golden orb started his brush work in the sky
I nestle down at the bank in the zephyr & gentle cold,
Looking at my river with her vivid golden water
Listening to the music of the foam-flaked waves
A sense of euphoria possesses me as I lie at the bank.
Oh! If ever I could dwell at this bank for years and years
A feeble music from afar fondles me,
As an accompaniment to my relishing
And I relax in the ebb and flow of the rhythms
But it aroused me,
My alarm clock chimed and reminded me
It is the time for work,
Oh! I am in the middle of the desert
Poignantly convinced myself, what a contrast!
No my cute river, No grassy bank, No Pebbly bank
No, No, Nothing, Nothing, but the sand dunes…….
The sand storms ……..

Mar 12,2009 - Hawiyah (Part of Empty Quarter – Saudi Arabia)

Sreekala Sukumaran 27 May 2010

Lovely beautiful poem long like a river enjoyed reading it...good imagination...10+++

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Eyan Desir 19 April 2010

The poem was long like a river it was a good poetic and romantic write

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Samanyan Lakshminarayanan 18 December 2009

this poem stirs and ripples..takes one to the river bed..lovely imagery

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Patrick A. Martin 09 October 2009

I had a crek and still to this day, like you when I feel homesick my dreams take me there. great reminisence.-10

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Shashendra Amalshan 14 July 2009

this is a lovely beautiful write indeed sir! ! ! this is such a great one to the heal the wounded, sore mind! ! liked it very much...10 with lots of love shan

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Matt Mooney 28 October 2010

Reading your poem was as good as being there.What a dream-almost a mirage in the desert.10.

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Anita Trivedi 13 July 2010

Really a great theme And wonderfull write.......... Great job........10++

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River of love and life. Loved the character of the river and its expression! So well penned; D

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Amazing poem…like romance with river entwined with river 10/10 Ms. Nivedita UK

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Amazing poem…like romance with river entwined with river 10/10 Ms. Nivedita UK

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