My Soul Poem by Siyabonga A Nxumalo

My Soul

Rating: 4.7

The hills and stones
Are still the same my love,
But my life has changed.

With the wind that blows
Tirelessly through the days,
My life has changed.

With the rain that showers
The land with heavy showers, yes
My life has changed.

Each evening when the sun
Goes down it seems like....
Yes, my life has changed.

The day you greeted this earth,
The first day mummy held you,
The first day mummy kissed you,
My life changed, yes
My life changed My Soul.

Now Khethelo has a little sister,
Now Khethelo won't be the only
One wondering,
Why does papa leaves....

The sound of your melodic voice,
The warmth of those tiny hands,
The thought of your round eyes,
Just makes my eyes teary..
Yes, my life has changed.

You brought laughter in our lives,
We'll protect you with our lives...

The hills and stones
Are still the same Lubanzi,
But daddy life has changed,
Yes my life has changed.

Even the birds sang with us that day,
Butterflies danced with us too,
Because My Soul had arrived.

Each evening when the
Sun goes down, I wish I'm
Home to sing you lullaby when you cry
And kiss you good night before you sleep.

The hills and stones are still
The same my Soul,
And children grow but
You don't see them grow.

Yes my life has changed,
You have changed my life
Lubanzi Soul Nxumalo..

Lubanzi Soul Nxumalo is my four weeks old daughter, loves her too much..I named her after my dear friend UNWRITTENSOUL...though this is not one of my best poems but it means a lot to me bcoz its for her, my friend US has written a poem for her will post it when I get time...Soul my friend thank you so much for that poem, wish you all the best man.
Persian Khushi 06 October 2012

very deep beautiful sentimental write!

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S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 11 October 2012

Wow a sweet heartwarmin poetic poem 4 yor newborn! Enjoyd d epic. Im a sister

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Anita Sehgal 12 October 2012

lovely poem... a great gift for your newborn...

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Tinashe Mupedzapasi 02 March 2013

Sweet for show.thats a sign of true lv

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Jaira Joyce Tentoco 29 March 2013

This poem is nice :)))

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Heather Wilkins 07 July 2013

a lovely tribute to your daughter. enjoyed

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Sallam Yassin 07 July 2013

your soul is some thing that make you complete and perfect well done brother and thanks to share

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Phiwe Mbatha 22 June 2013

Yaze yanamagama amahle lentombazanyana. Ngiyakubongela kakhulu. Angazi-ke ukuthi ubani owakukhohlisa wathi akuyona enye yezinkondlo zakho eziphambili lezi ngoba wayekukhohlisa nje. Inhle kakhulu lenkondlo futhi ibonisa uthando olukhulu lukababa endodakazini yakhe. Into engasajwayelekile nje ngoba amadoda amaningi avele adle phansi nje uma eke ezwa igama llokuthi kuza ingane.

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Patricia Grantham 02 June 2013

I really enjoyed this excellent piece of poetry. Your daughter as you have so lovely written about in this poem have your unconditional love. She really pulls at your heart string. Children are a blessing from above and they should always be treated that way. A named called Soul have a very unique meaning. It goes really deep. Made my heart skip a beat. Thanks for a good read.

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Neela Nath Das 02 June 2013

She is lucky, I must say too lucky! Very nice poem!

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