She Said... Poem by Siyabonga A Nxumalo

She Said...

Rating: 4.8

The sound of your voice
Echoes in my mind day and night,
Its like a sweet lullaby.

She said...
When the fire loses the heat,
You restore it with your Charming smile.
When deafening silence haunts me,
The echoes of your voice keeps me company.
When storms threatens my balance,
I find in you that balance.

She said....
When fear invade my mind and soul,
Your gentle touch assures me,
In your arms I am SAFE.
Even floods will never wash me away
Because you are here....
Right next to me.

She said.....
That look in your eyes,
Is the reflection of my love for you.
Those bold shoulders you carrying,
Are my pillar of strength.
Those gentle and warm hands babe,
God gave them to you, so they will
Perform magic on my skin.

She said......
When darkness invades my life,
You become the shining moon of my life.
And like the rising sun after heavy rains,
And like warm summer after long cold winter,
You always gives me hope.

Because you are here....
Right next to me...
Just here..
She said!

Farah Ilyas 21 June 2013

Lovely poem Siya...heartfelt in nature...excellent

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Valsa George 19 June 2013

So what a radiant presence you give her! ! You can bask in the sunshine of her unalloyed love and feel proud that in your manliness, she has found her anchorage! A lovely romantic piece! !

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David Wood 19 June 2013

This is a lovely warm poem of eternal love that was a joy to read. It would make a good sonet if you chose to write one.

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Farah Ilyas 21 June 2013

Lovely poem Siya...heartfelt in nature...excellent

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Naida Nepascua Supnet 12 May 2015

Wow, she must be very in love with you She has high regards of you and seems like she considers you her hero congrats and congrats for this wonderful poem.

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thanks Naida, for the poem. and I have high regards of her too. lol

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Lorraine Colon 07 August 2013

I have not read your poems before, but I will certainly do so from now on. You write in a beautiful manner.

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Mbuyiseleni Madlala 07 August 2013

woooow! ! ! wat a... keep it up Ndwandwe, uma engasho kim nje kanje. lol

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Ambrosia A 22 July 2013

Very touching lines, right from the bottom of a lovers' heart. Only thing is the one on the other should listen it! Kudos, great 10

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Heather Wilkins 07 July 2013

she said many things in his poem, I like the read very much,

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