My Thoughts Today.... Poem by Sylvia Frances Chan

My Thoughts Today....

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My Thoughts Today….
Today there are no sun rays yet
the roads are not muddy but irritating wet,

it feels cold, not cozy at all
that's all we can get, yes, that's all

today we can't walk around in my area,
where I reside is uphill,
but for the rest, especially the coastal area
it is approximately 7 meters below the sea

I visited Death Valley, in the U.S.A. the devil's golf course,
what I summarize here of course, is not my remorse
but oh me, oh me, zero tourists to see
and the devil's golf course is 86 meters below the sea

my automobile went on and on like in a spinning wheel
I could not drive as I wished to, my heart was sealed
the earth looked like ribbles glued together
so I letme gliding down and up, I don't bother

afterwards I can tell you that nobody would rather
imitate me
I admit that I like to ride on salty, ribbed ground
on the artist's Pallet, have colours but no canvas around
so many plants waving in Death Valley, seemed lifeless
in their eternal mourning colours, while mourning tearless...

Sylvia Frances Chan
All Rights Reserved

Sunday 18 August 2019
13.26 PM Dutch Time

This area lies within the area of Badwater.

In previous centuries many gold and silver diggers had been here,
and later also borax but all became too expensive. They all stopped.

The salty crust of Badwater, the lowest point in the Western Hemisphere at 86 metersbelow sea level.

Water from nearby mountains flows here and evaporates,
leaving a salty crust.

The name "Badwater": mules would not even come close to drinking the water due to the bad taste.

Sylvia Frances Chan
All Rights Reserved

Sunday 18 August 2019
13.26 PM Dutch Time
Edward Kofi Louis 08 September 2019

Irritating wet! ! ! However, tearless. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 31 August 2019

A beautiful poem that brilliantly and vividly portrayed Death Valley. Reading this marvelous write as if I was transported to this one of a kind place. Very informative and wonderfully written.

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