Of Men And Fools, Another War? Poem by Sandra Feldman

Of Men And Fools, Another War?

Rating: 5.0

In the vastness of the Universe,
Two Galaxies, collided,
Hubble, the great telescope
Sends us, confirming
And devastating,
Images that make us,
Feel, more than unsafe!

In the meantime
On this tiny blue point
Of a planet,
Inhabited by fools
And rabbits,
Where stupid, so called
Leaders, that call themselves
Men, when they are
Nothing but selfish,
Idiots, that can't even
Count to ten,
Prepare for war...

And They are the ones
In charge of our
Safety? ? ? ?
Like the fox is in
Charge of the
Chickens' house
And Rats
Run for office
On programs of
Velveta, cheese
And sauerkraut?

Tricolored idiots,
In charge of
World safety? ? ?
Give me a break!
It's not fair,
That those that don't
Care, can lead us
To destruction,
Move troops
Into action
Endanger us All
And be safely, on top,
While giving the orders.

All will come tumbling
We, as innocents
Are used to light
The abominable
Torch of war
The rats simply,
Have never cared,
About us, or
And that is why
We always lose
The battles
Of our own
Self, well-fare
In a World
More than, unfair.

David Wood 18 February 2022

It looks like we're heading for war. I wish people would look at nuclearfamine dot org, they would work harder for peace.

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LeeAnn Azzopardi 18 February 2022

I believe you are right

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Chinedu Dike 19 February 2022

Brave and insightful rendition set aside for deep reflective thought.

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Very well said..

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Nabakishore Dash 19 February 2022

Great write poet Sandra.Top scores for penning such a brave poem.

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Dr. M. Asim Nehal 19 February 2022

Thoughtless and mindless leaders are leading this world to disaster and hope better sense will prevail some day. Full ******

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Akham Nilabirdhwaja Singh 18 February 2022

True description of our leaders.Womderful write.

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