Of Mice And Men Again (A Senyru) Poem by Susan Williams

Of Mice And Men Again (A Senyru)

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The bestest laid plans
of mice and men done went and
ganged agley today.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: failure
Tom Billsborough 08 February 2017

Och aye, ma wee lassie. A bokkle a single malt to ye! A bonnie beastie of a poem. And now in English... Two of my favourite writers come together, , correction... three including Saucy Susan!

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Susan Williams 13 September 2020

Thank you, Soran. I am Woman- I have Mood Swings that wood put a squirrel to shame! ! I like experimenting with different poem lengths and forms. You are so kind in your remarks about my poems- -very Kind

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Soran M. H 11 September 2020

hello it has a different style and theme.. this is a cynical, humorous catching men' foibles.. you are good in both short and long poem, very skilful and clever comparative

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Kumarmani Mahakul 13 August 2018

The bestest laid plans of mice and men done went and ganged agley today.........ths funny poem regarding failure that you have taken this famous quotation from Robert Burns is much interesting.

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Susan Williams 17 August 2018

it added amusement to repeat part of it in his native language especially since the sounds of the letters and words were so agley in and of themselves!

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Akhtar Jawad 04 June 2018

We usually make foolish and funny things with a chalk on a black board, the teacher erases it with a hidden smile without reading it. So what if a lovely write was also erased unread by the teacher!

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Susan Williams 17 August 2018

ahhhh, I see- -please excuse my confusion, I must have been brain-dead that day!

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Susan Williams 07 June 2018

? ? ? I am not seeing the relevance... are you on the correct page? I know my computer flips from poem to poem and sometimes w/o me knowing it's skipped to another poem

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Dr Antony Theodore 30 May 2018

a lovely comparison. mice and man......... and the best laid plans. thank u dear Susan....... i smiled. tony

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Susan Williams 30 May 2018

I had fun playing games with that old quotation by Burns- -glad you enjoyed a chuckle, tony!

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