On Christmas Eve Poem by Valsa George

On Christmas Eve

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December is here with Christmas beckoning at the door
He saw every house bright with many a lamp
And the whole streets illumined with colorful lights and stars
But his tiny hut looked dismal n’ dark like a prison camp

With a suppressed sigh, he inhaled the festive air
His little heart grew weary and dim
There has never been a merry Christmas in his life
As the days advanced, he grew moody and glum

He, born into a cheerless, crammed shack
With parents so poor having very little means
To bring up their children and foster a family of seven
At a tender age, saw shattered all his budding dreams

Year after year, he had seen the city in dazzling lights
But never once on Christmas he could feel any glee
While the rest of the world partook of umpteen delights
Never his heart, from sorrowful thoughts, was free

When children of his age feasted on roasted turkey and ham
And their mothers baked Christmas cookies and cakes
He and his siblings had to be content with a meager fare
That left their cheeks wet, with saline drops pooled in their eyes

Their house in winter was too damp and cold
No blankets had they to keep themselves warm and snug
They lie huddled together in biting chill
On the wooden floor on a worn out woolen rug

One evening, on a leisurely walk from school
The boy saw a man selling colorful balloons
With the little penny tucked safely in his trouser pocket
He bought a balloon and headed straight to the lagoons

There as he sat on the sprawling silver sands
A strange idea had come upon his little head
To send a letter to Heaven asking for some urgent help
Hoping Jesus would help, he too was born a poor kid

On a white paper he carefully scribbled these lines:
“Merciful God, look upon us, this miserable seven
Here in our humble hovel, we die of hunger and cold
On this Christmas, send us a little cheer, up from heaven”

He folded the paper and fastened it to the balloon
Nevertheless he didn’t forget to put his full address
When the wind was strong, he let it go off his hands
And watched it soar high with his earnest plea for redress

Days went by and the awaited Christmas Eve arrived
While the world splurged in all gaiety and merriment
The poor hut remained dull and cheerless as before
The helpless parents were lost in grim bafflement

Abruptly, there halted a Mercedes before the hut
A man, old and graying with a graceful smile
Alighted with his hands loaded with Christmas gifts
Looking for the boy, he had travelled many a mile

It was during one of his daily strolls around the lagoon
That the gentleman saw a balloon suspended on a willow tree
The white paper tied to it made him curious
He took it up and saw an innocent’s earnest plea

The man so rich and kind was moved at heart,
He from his wealth decided to donate a large sum
To support that family of seven in dire straits
And give them the merriest Christmas with no trace of gloom

The little boy believed Jesus has answered his prayer
In the guise of a man he has never before seen
With rising delight, he saw a star in the graying sky
It shone right over his head with a brighter sheen.

Wish all my friends on Poem Hunter MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR! !

Let the message of caring and sharing with the less fortunate ring across, on this beautiful Christmas Eve!
Queeny Gona 02 January 2014

The real joy of celebrating Christmas is sharing with the needy and the poor! A wonderful message oriented poem dear Ma'am. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year dear Valsa George Ma'am!

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Unwritten Soul 31 December 2013

A meaningful poem than just a christmas greeting...lovely to think, and here we want to wish you a Happy New year may this new year brings you more smiles to share with us :) _Soul

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Heather Wilkins 01 January 2014

lovely written story Valsa. enjoyed the read Happy New Year

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Hans Vr 25 December 2015

wonderful story told in beautiful verses

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A. Madhavan 25 December 2015

Good to open the PH site this morn and find your Poem on the special Day. Very touching story, in well-honed quatrains, with rhymes and assonance, Felicitations, Poet-friend Valsa on the poem being chosen for honour on the holy festival. I recalled a hymn we sang with Miss Bain at the piano, long ago (1940's) in a 'convent school' in Kilpauk Oh come, let us adore him. May 'Faith, Hope and Charity' prevail. The word 'charity' comes from the Latin 'caritas', via French, as Wiki reminds me, along with a picture by Raja Ravi Varma. Our languages have 'dana' as a virtue and a constant ideal. I mark this heartening poem of yours 8. AM ,

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Rajnish Manga 25 December 2015

On the sidelines of Valsa George poem, you have shared some beautiful things which are interesting and also add to our knowledge. Thanks, Sir.

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Savita Tyagi 25 December 2015

Beautiful Christmas poem spreading the message of hope and compassion. Congratulations for this so deserving member poem. Merry Christmas!

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Kim Barney 25 December 2015

Valsa, my friend, this is marvelous. Really deserves to be chosen as Poem of the Day on Christmas Day. Thank you so much and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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A very touching and powerful work my friend!

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Susan Williams 25 December 2015

Nice job, it shows the great care you took with it

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