On My One And Only Lonely Journey Poem by Susan Williams

On My One And Only Lonely Journey

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I am on a journey
the longest journey of my life
you know the one
the one that goes
from birth to death.
I am all alone
no one to talk to
no one to help me
no one to share it with
and no one to enjoy it with me
...............on my one and only lonely journey.
I am so weary
I am tired to the bone
I am an outcast
standing all alone
on the other side of the window
looking in on friendship and love
and wishing mine had been accepted
wishing mine had been acceptable
but it never was
something is the matter with me
...............on my one and only lonely journey.
I need to find a safe place
a quiet and still place
where light pierces through the darkness
and shows me how to go
and where to stay for the moment
all by myself in the stillness
of my loneliness
and not hate myself
and feel such shame
and feel such despair
..............on my one and only lonely journey.
The light wants me to go there
it wants me to go there by myself
where no one else is
where I can learn to drink of the light
where I can learn at last I am not alone
where I am not by myself
but where I can be myself
accepted and acceptable
knowing He is always with me
on my no longer lonely journey.
.~~~~~~~~~~~~~©2019 Susan Williams.

Bill Cantrell 07 March 2019

It is a very lonely journey, the loneliness is not telling others what we know inside..not to worry them, at least in my case, but there is indeed light and I must say.. peace permeates in the end, it is scary and a relief at the same time, I can relate to your poem, this goes to my favorites Susan, thank you for posting such a deep poem, my God bless you my friend

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Susan Williams 07 March 2019

Bill, I think you relate to many people's writing because you are a beautiful word smith and a lover of literature as well as an encourager of writers in the pursuit of writing better and better. Thank you for reading my work and commenting on it and I feel very pleased that you found it worthy of being on your fav list.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 07 March 2019

I am sure you are having a very creditable journey! Loved this highly expressive poem that candidly expresses your personal experiences of life in relatively a selfish world! A splendid work!

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Kim Barney 18 June 2021

I think all of us have felt the feelings that this poem evokes, but you have expressed them in a way that few are able. This is going on my favorites list. Great work and five stars!

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Susan Williams 21 August 2020

Hazel Durnham- - I thought you would be able to follow the journey as described here- you have that understanding born in you- through your country and countrymen. ; } I am so improved by your presence on PH

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Hazel Durham 29 July 2020

A very interesting write of finding self acceptance otherwise it is a lonely journey. To feel love for our own individual personality and to nourish our dark souls to a lighter shade that enlightens our world!

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Bri Edwards 02 May 2019

2 - it read well even if it was not 'all that clear' to me. well, " from birth to death" DOES pretty much sum up " the longest journey" of your life, unless there is more to a life than i have gathered. " you" are really such a loser, ARE YOU? ? ! bri :) yes, copying & pasting (as you mention in a response, below) is a to do. ha ha.

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Susan Williams 10 May 2019

you are such a card! I'm guessing the knave of the deck, or is it the joker! ! ! ha ha... why, yes, there is more to life than you have gathered [rosebuds for one! ! ! ! ] :))

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Bri Edwards 02 May 2019

1 - Jez mentions " rhymes in a row" . your response calls it " inner rhymes" . i wonder if you refer to " on my one and only lonely journey" . ? " He" is God? ? at first i did not notice that the very last line did not match previous last lines.

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Susan Williams 10 May 2019

yes- God. I am sneaky with many of my last lines. yes " only lonely" is an inner rhyme

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