On Spring Poem by George Moses Horton

On Spring

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Hail, thou auspicious vernal dawn!
Ye birds, proclaim the winter's gone,
Ye warbling minstrels sing;
Pour forth your tribute as ye rise,
And thus salute the fragrant skies
The pleasing smiles of Spring.

Coo sweetly, oh thou harmless Dove,
And bid thy mate no longer rove,
In cold, hybernal vales;
Let music rise from every tongue,
Whilst winter flies before the song,
Which floats on gentle gales.

Ye frozen streams dissolve and flow
Along the valley, sweet and slow;
Divested fields be gay:
Ye drooping forests bloom on high,
And raise your branches to the sky,
And thus your charms display.

Thou world of heat--thou vital source,
The torpid insects feel thy force,
Which all with life supplies;
Gardens and orchards richly bloom,
And send a gale of sweet perfume,
To invite them as they rise.

Near where the crystal waters glide,
The male of birds escorts his bride,
And twitters on the spray;
He mounts upon his active wing,
To hail the bounty of the Spring,
The lavish pomp of May.

Inspiring month of youthful Love,
How oft we in the peaceful grove,
Survey the flowery plume;
Or sit beneath the sylvan shade,
Where branches wave above the head,
And smile on every bloom.

Exalted month, when thou art gone,
May Virtue then begin the dawn
Of an eternal Spring?
May raptures kindle on my tongue,
And start a new, eternal song,
Which ne'er shall cease to ring!

Barry Middleton 29 March 2016

Quite astonishing when you consider this poet's biography. I love the archaic language that we rarely see today. This man was truly a talented poet.

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Kim Barney 29 March 2016

Barry, you are so right. Everyone should read his biography to appreciate his poetry even more.

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Edward Kofi Louis 29 March 2016

Youthful love. Thanks for sharing.

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Ratnakar Mandlik 29 March 2016

Mind blowing narration of the rejuvenation of the motley manifestations of nature after the winter is over and the advent of spring. It's description as the inspiring month of youthful love is superb.

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Rajnish Manga 29 March 2016

It's a wonderful portrayal of the lovely spring season that has just shaken off the harshness of winters. Enjoyed reading this great piece of poetry.

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nick smith 06 November 2019

who comments of stuff like this? ? ? ?

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jackie 11 January 2018

why poets not in alphabetical order easier to find :

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Susan Williams 29 March 2016

The poem was beautiful in its time and still retains bits and pieces of that beauty in our linguistically different time. May we all be free to enjoy it and enjoy any other literature offered by this site without fear of being disliked

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Akachukwu Lekwauwa 29 March 2016

wonderful words to usher in the spring

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* Sunprincess * 29 March 2016

......beautiful vocabulary, very poetic...a lovely read ★

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George Moses Horton

George Moses Horton

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