Onion Poem by Tailor Bell


Rating: 4.4

How fair you my sweet onion
Layered, full of spite but mine
How this day without you in past
Regarded flames
Can you hold still and know
Your best taints everything near
A roundness, a beauty, yet
If a goddess allowed
I would trade all lesser botanicals
Once more for your smile
Your jest, your natural pungence
Yellowless world have you
Void of heart, been an opportunist
Let me dive into the tilled soil
With deft toes tear loose
A bit of sky spiralling ever down
Unthread blueness and wispy clouds
Pull them completely in
That all may know how unkind
An unkindness has been
Garden maestro take a bow
Sky you also bow today
For my sweet onion is frayed
Tightly bruised under fine layers
Deglaze yourself my desire
My martyr, my innocent onion
Rest sweetness, dream once more

Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 30 December 2006

Unbelievably brilliant! ...An Onion, no less...Stellar imagework...mellifluous structure.....A masterful slice of literary crafting, Tailor... ~ F. J. R. ~r

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Alison Cassidy 01 January 2007

A wonderful mixture of the botanical, the culinary and the poetical in this sweet tribute to the fairest and most pungent of all vegetables - without which the food we eat would be so compromised. Some highly original images of sky and cloud and heartlessness are also most appealing. Love this one. Allie xxxxxxxxxxx

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Brian Jani 03 July 2014

you imagination is amazing and it showed in this fantastic poem

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Original Unknown Girl 09 December 2008

My first impression on seeing the title was 'Shrek', the second impression upon reading this was 'Shakespeare'.... it is a very beautiful and deep poem. Grittily told with strong metaphors but I enjoyed it nonetheless. In fact, the grittiness adds to its beauty. Your love shines through no matter what flaws this person has. HG: -) xx

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Kesav Easwaran 18 September 2008

.......................'your smile Your jest, your natural pungence Yellowless world have you Void of heart, been an opportunist'... i liked these phrases very much...a poem beautifully metaphorical with a slight philosophical pungence...10

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Will Barber 30 August 2008

An extraordinary metaphor - and a poem filled with tenderness. - Will

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Gregory Gunn 06 January 2007

A masterful ode to Allium cepa. What a concept! 'Your best taints everything near' as well as 'Deglaze yourself my desire' and 'I would trade all lesser botanicals / once more for your smile' are not your average garden variety lines. Being a gardener and cook (some say I put onions into everything but my coffee and tea) myself, I can fully appreciate the sentiments herein. Viva l'Oignon! A votre santé, Greg

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