Our Kashmir Poem by Shihabudheen K J

Our Kashmir

Rating: 5.0

I have an aching heart that cant wait anymore
to meet the 'the princess of fall'!
I have kept my passionate eyes kept open all twilights
thinking of her misty woods and lusty moods!

What makes her shy lit spines embraced though
painful red may rain,
What ignites our feathered friends revolve
round her maiden valleys so insane!

Who tends her incessant flow abridged
wild mysteries beyond the timeline!
Who can picture her immortal calm nexus
heavenly glam if not a bard!

Frozen buds upon shalimar and nishanth gardens,
she treated rest,
Alluring drops amidst mist in the dal lake,
she ride guests,
Ethnic spas and leisure across the breathless leaves,
she invited feast.

Have you ever been through the
military highway drawn stabbing my princess's womb?

Dare to do it!
We agree risking life for paradise
hails one martyr! ! !

Let her children cherish
engaged dining her holy tastes,
Let her bossoms flourish
serving her true beauty incessantly.

I envy kashmir
for she is a 'revolution' away!

Poetheart Morgan 10 December 2012

What a beautiful poem! Always in doubt if is a loved woman or a description of a loved place. Wonderful poet! ! !

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Lasoaphia Quxazs 20 November 2012

I do not know what Kashmir is, but it is lovely thought to talk about it like this.

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S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 15 November 2012

On my fav adored place of beauty i so admired yor enthusing eulogy poem what with take on shalimar n all. N thanx 4 yor coments.

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Neela Nath Das 13 November 2012

Very nice Shihas. Wonderful description of Kashmir, the paradise on earth.10+++

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Kashmir is in all its entity ours. It is not just a piece of land or just a part of India.. It pulsates with a life sustaining spirit that has to hold us to it.. Better title would be OUR KASHMIR, I think.

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