Over The Shoulder Poem Poem by Mike Smith

Over The Shoulder Poem

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If I simply start to write them down
I know more words will come
Though I don't know where they're leading to
Or where they're coming from
It's not as if I planned it out
Premeditation void
I didn't know what they would say
No foresight was employed
The words pop in my mind
So I pen them out in order
I don't think they belong to me
I'm more like their recorder
A message sent from somewhere else
A string of vowels and consonants
But if I ever thought these words
My memory is blocked of it
It's almost as if these words I write
Are borrowed by their writer
From someone else who lives in me
A well hidden insider
And often times the words he lends
Are hardly words prolific
Sometimes they don't make sense at all
Like horseshoe gaggle civic
But still the words appear to me
And ask to please be written
And so I follow their command
Until their next request is given

Saturday, February 20, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: writing
Manonton Dalan 23 February 2016

maybe you're messenger of dead poets who left their thoughts floating around/

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Mike Smith 23 February 2016

Can't necessarily be ruled out :) . But I find it unlikely. Thank you for reading

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Souren Mondal 22 February 2016

I really like this Mike.. It is indeed like this when we write.. The thought form in the mind begging for an outlet and from there the poem is born.. Thanks for sharing..

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Mike Smith 22 February 2016

Thanks Souren. Sometimes when I get done writing something then take a moment to read it over Im a little shocked by what I read. It's as if the words were relayed through me, rather than being my own

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Kelly Kurt 20 February 2016

We are not the author of our thoughts but as you say, the recorders. That is why it is so important to leave the recorder on, and transcribe what the author gives. Keep it going, Mike. On a grammatical note; Their, in the third line, should be they're- In the 18th line, there should be their. Horseshoe gaggle civic marmalade future opaque participle.

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Mike Smith 21 February 2016

Thanks Kelly. I try to proofread before I post. But sometimes i aren't real vary goodest at it :)

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