* Out Of The Box * Poem by Sulaiman Mohd Yusof

* Out Of The Box *

Rating: 3.5

Gold, silver and bronze
Maker of loser
Rich trounces the poor
Check and balance
Is needed

To move a mountain
You need money

A plain simple

Ency Bearis 22 February 2010

simple, but meaningful.....

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Lana Grissom 21 February 2010

Simple but to a fundamental point well done!

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Louis Cecile 21 February 2010

A good simple way to describe a problem that has faced man for a long time. You can certainly take elements of this for future poems.

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R. H. Peat 20 February 2010

Good luck on that on Sulaiman. Separating the rich from their gold is like driving trucks without wheels. It doesn't happen too much and it doesn't go to far from home. It might be plain to you but it certainly isn't simple for them. a poet friend.. RH PEAT

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Akice Yimasaru 19 February 2010

cool¡ Caind of Humorous, i really like it¡ jaja. You really can wright¡

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Marieta Maglas 28 August 2013

Maybe you can write again...after so many years....I still wait for..your poetry

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Clara Odelia Ciutara 20 April 2010

Hi... Although this poem is simple, it does have a deep meaning - so lovely poem...

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Vandavasu Vittal 06 March 2010

A very intelligent write and spectacular closure.

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Sahar Sahar 24 February 2010

poem ends with a need that is power for any action.......meaningful and marvellous

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*_sakura ~daisy_* 23 February 2010

Filled with a much insight..truths..i like it^^

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