Christmaspoem Poem by ahmed khaled


Rating: 4.3

come to me, christ..
walking together..
on the rivers of sky..
on the light wings..
of loving angels..
on the compassionate wind..
dancing around hearts warmth..
on the peace, holding the sun..
to give all that beautiful..
and gracious light..
on the colours of those hearts..
willingly chose to be horizons..
and rainbows..
at the very moments..
of their sincere love..
on the sacred light..
that sun and stars..
have never known..
on the sound of swallows..
when they're humble..
passing by..
the scent of saint mary..
mixed with dew, dust..
and olive leaves..
in jerusalem..
come to me, christ..
to bless all humans..
by the heart's power..
by it's infinite belief..
and make them all..
at the very same time..
santa clause..
of wishes..
and love..

Carlotta Russell 04 January 2012

This poems express the wish of a human heart for the Savior of the World to come in al of his glory with those blessing that is needed by humans on earth. Bestowing all the grace and mercy upon them as he see that is necessary. Jesus is everything. It is a prayer in request of a need to be fulfilled.

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Nicky Hill 03 January 2012

thats really lovely heart warming happy new year to you.

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Elizabeth Wesley 03 January 2012

A very lovely verse celebrating the beauty and love that empowers the Christmas spirit. You seem to have the gift of saying things in a most wonderful way. Hope your new year is filled with inspiriation.

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Santosh Sharma 03 January 2012

A beautiful write on Chritmas, narration of the Grace of Almighty

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Champs Ulysses Cabinatan 03 January 2012

very beautiful poem.

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Okoye Charles Chukwudi 27 February 2012

The ending was killing...brilliant. Come to me christ, and bless all human, making em all at the same time santa claus of wishes and love. Boy...this is gud....kudos.

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Walterrean Salley 28 January 2012

A beautiful prayer poem for all mankine. Very touching. Voted 10

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Heyyou Boy 10 January 2012

Heart felt and impressive. Great write Ahmed

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Oladehinde J Ibikunle 07 January 2012

You've had alot of great works in your hand, there is creativity in your words. I like this!

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Young Church Poetry 05 January 2012

Come to me love the line. Your poem is full of love just like Christmas day. Love it.......

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