Strings Of Freedom Poem by ahmed khaled

Strings Of Freedom

Rating: 5.0

walk with me..
you and me, not separate
our poem is totality
and our poetry,
is all months,
from january..
to december.
walk with me..
where to decide
the strings of poetry
mixed with both,
the guitar's strings
and the strings..
of all seasons.
walk with me..
it's me, who guides
to all strings,
which said no
and refused to sleep
but refused not..
to dream.
walk with me..
i'm still to wait
for all strings,
walking in time
and resisting,
being jailed..
in the guitar.

Allemagne Roßmann 30 November 2011

Very well written......and majestic write..

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Allemagne Roßmann 30 November 2011

Poetic melodrama walking the scouts to the tunes of guitar as the strings lack drums broken by the seasons of separation.Now is the time of is emancipation to be robbed from the strings which robbed so far the slumber...Majestic write and hope all will walk like Egyptians.....

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Unwritten Soul 10 November 2011

Beautiful and I never misunderstood your nice words...Ahmed, we'll be your shoes to follow your steps and walk with you step on the ground we also print the sand, together we walk as our breathes unite, so wear your heart with your soul, wear your paper with ink and we will flow together with you in art melody called poetry :) _Unwritten Soul

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Richard McClellan 07 November 2011

Yea, I agree with Sally, it needs focus! You should refine it at a later date after some time as went by... Good poem though...

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Sally Plumb Plumb 07 November 2011

Nice piece... although I didn't understand it all.

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Karen Degnan-foiles 23 January 2013

Loved it, loved the flow, loved th expression of freedom of the soul and of the mind...

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Alicia Meyers 11 January 2012

Really fantastic. :) Love it.

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Kseniya (Xeny) Rundel 06 January 2012

Poets of the Earth, unite in the poorest poetic language of the world!))) Nice poem, clear and short. Google translates it without any problem!))) Let it be our anthem! Let it get 10!

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Ronik Spartan 07 December 2011

may i have to read it twice..but really it's a masterpiece a real way to show the desire to write... :))

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Alex Kult 02 December 2011

this really is an amazing poem. sorry i didnt get to it sooner, been held up and havent been on in a while. but truly, youre a great poet, keep up the good work. youll go far =)

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