“paysage D’ame” Poem by Ben Gieske

“paysage D’ame”

Rating: 2.9

Every so often ^ v ^ v ^
despite the disinclination \ \ \
to do so and the friction /\*/\
which it causes, but not everyday, , , , , ,
I feel the compunction
to scrutinize my intentions, ? ? ?
or, =
for a better word, my inclinations / / /
and thus embark on - - -
a trek into the arid sands, ., ., ., ., .,
without enchantment ~ ~ ~
upon a voyeuristic survey o o
of my entire institution or constitution... [ ]

It helps to engage one’s imagination ! `! `! `
to deliver the required penetration
into such an enterprise with undue emotion / / / commotion \ \ \
and fall into the depths of subconsciousness .

I am not surprised at the many manifestations {|’|, |`|; }
which are shown me through this adventurous exploration * or creation *
which I would rather think of as a (re-creation *)
using M. Moore’s quote as a guide -
“no truth can be fully known until it has been tried/ by the truth of disputation”

To be honest ( - ) ,
I believe this is merely a search for some kind of ALEF (BORGES) .
If only I could swing and lasso the “total view of life”. (O)

Such a hippopotamus cannot be taken lightly –– ––
but I have wasted many a year and after much meditation – ummmm –
inner wanderings – ummmm– and even so much subconscious moments

I still find myself wandering in the desert
with no mountain in sight

- April 1,2008

Dorothy- A. Holmes 10 July 2008

Ben, I know there is something very special about this piece and find myself wandering in the desert with you seeking understanding...but guess what, I love the pure imaginative journey of this poem...CLEVER! Dorothy

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Subbaraman N V 18 July 2008

Greatly imaginative-takes the readers along!

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Elizabeth Emerick Wilholt 01 September 2008

The way you incorporate symbols into this poem exemplifies the language of the 21st century, and you speak it well! The originality of this unique style is delightful.

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Patti Masterman 22 July 2009

I love this poem. The creativity and vision of human beings never fails to amaze me! Simply charming.

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Meggie Gultiano 18 May 2009

although i did not understand what this title means, but i truly love and enjoy reading this. And i just want to dance along your lovely words..Love it

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Those invisible mountains Surely are hardest to climb One must be steadfast Dorothy

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Fred Babbin 05 December 2008

Yes. The last two lines express my feelings very much.

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Luis Gil 08 October 2008

That time was not wasted. Its energy has been preserved in the poem and will multiply its effect with each reader..... and deserts are interesting spiritual places.

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