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Pebble Two

Rating: 5.0

A man counts
His breaths
On fingers
Another man seeks
Some art
In hungers

Sunday, March 11, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: thought
Valsa George 17 March 2020

How long a man lived is not the important thing, but how well he has lived matters more. When life is turned into an art, a man's mission of life is complete! Great metaphorical poem!

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Kumarmani Mahakul 18 March 2018

O what a wonderful imaginary! Beautiful and meaningful poem on thought on a philosophical base has been nicely and touchingly inscribed. Thanks for sharing.

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Susan Williams 15 March 2018

Counting days can make one more aware of how very short life is and to live the hours we get intensely and well. Or one can try to insure eternity through great achievement. It would be awesome if one could have both... I like your poems. They make me think not just feel although they do that too

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Mj Lemon 15 March 2018

This is magnificent, Ali! I am reminded of how we all react when we discover our own mortality. Some merely count the days and fill the time with activities. Others seek some identity in the ethereal, the abstract, the art. Perhaps in the latter there is a discovery of meaning. A wonderful poem.

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Unwritten Soul 12 March 2018

And this one is beautiful as well, as i know u such a minimalistic artist/poet you really choose few words to project bigger meaningful thoughts and this is art that i love to read as well!

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